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20/20 - Mark Knopfler may say punish the monkey yet Saul Zonana revives his inner muse with his 2008 album Blue Monkey. Recording in Upstate New York and mixing at Adrian Belew’s Nashville studios, Zonana wisely enlists a tight backing band and sets about the task of following his 2006 classic Love Over Money. In addition to the rhythm section of Rich Hammond (bass) and Aaron Comess (drums), Zonana shares the guitar chores on Blue Monkey—his guitar, guitar synth, chapman stick and keyboards coming out of the left speaker with the electric and mando guitar of Teddy Kumpel coming out of the right. At home writing catchy pop songs or conjuring something much more darkly hermetic, Zonana notches up yet another winning CD with the edgy pop in play on Blue Monkey.

- Having made the first G. Love & Special Sauce CD back in 1994, Philly native Garrett ‘G. Love’ Dutton continues making funky hip-hop and pop fun on his 2008 CD, Superhero Brother. There’s plenty of acoustic and electric guitar on the Superhero album, along with G. Love’s blues harp. Commenting on his sound, G. Love adds, ‘I think of us as a rock and roll group. We definitely incorporate a lot of different flavors, which is why we tried to focus on what we’re known for this time. Making sure the back beats are funky. Each song tells a unique story, both in subject and musical style.’ Keeping the ‘crip close to his hip,’ G. Love is clearly coming from the funk / hip-hop genres, while also citing influences like the Beatles, (note the CD’s Lennon influenced lead off track, “Communication”) along with early Cream, the Stones, the Chambers Brothers and John Lee Hooker.

- Country rock music legend Glen Campbell worked with icons like Gary Usher, Brian Wilson and songwriter Jimmy Webb back in the ‘60s so that makes him an icon and mentor to younger guitarists such as Jason Falkner, Wendy Melvoin, Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen—both of Cheap Trick—and all of whom are among the players taking part in Campbell’s 2008 comeback CD. Meet Glen Campbell is a solid retro-pop spin that finds the 72 year old Campbell harking back to his classic ‘60s sound while covering modern pop tracks from U2, Tom Petty, Jackson Brown, The Velvet Underground, The Replacements, Green Day and more. Commenting on working with Campbell, Jason Falkner adds, ‘I was so thrilled to be a part of Glen’s record. He has such a uniquely American voice and the weight of his experience is heard in every word he sings. Brilliant.’ Working with producer Julian Raymond, Campbell gets back on track with an album that stands as one of his best.

- In the wake of white soul and gothic R&B singers like England’s Amy Winehouse, one of the American artists to evoke a similar spirit is NYC singer Joan Wasser. Her first album under the name Joan As Police Woman is entitled To Survive. With guest artists appearing such as David Sylvian and Rufus Wainwright, the ten track CD features all original songs and track two and the CD’s single, “Holiday” is a great upbeat bluesy pop vocal in the spirit of class acts like Nina Simone, Chrissie Hynde and Joni Mitchell. Recorded in Brooklyn, To Survive features Joan on guitars and keyboards with able assistance from a range of players.

CUSTARD RECORDS - Released on Linda Perry’s Custard Records, the 2008 CD release of Cheat The Gallows, by L.A. quartet Bigelf is a solid set that draws on influences as diverse as Black Sabbath, Queen and The Beatles. Front man, lead vocalist and keyboardist Damon Fox receives excellent support from band mates Ace Mark (guitars), Duffy Snowhill (bass) and Froth (drums). Bigelf is modern, progressive pop at its finest. Commenting on the CD, Fox adds, ‘Our genetic codes are from the great ones, the great acts and rock groups of the past. When you get into those psychedelic and progressive rock categories, you’re battling some of the greatest shit that ever existed, so you’re either going to be great, or you’re going to suck.’ Suffice to say, with Cheat The Gallows, Bigelf has made a record that stands tall among some of the great post modern L.A. pop groups such as Jellyfish and as such will be of interest to fans of post-Beatles classic rockers Queen and Cheap Trick.

GRANITE MUSIC - Girl groups, from the Shangri-La's to The Bangles have rocked their way to the top of the pop world. With her excellent 2009 CD, Dirty Little Word, Natascha Sohl will have a fun time convincing astute music fans of her own value as a pop star on the rise.On Dirty Little Word the U.K. based Sohl comes across as a seasoned pro with a rock solid track lineup that makes The Bangles seem tame at this point in time. Recorded in NYC with an excellent hand from writer/producer/guitarist Russ DeSalvo and his team, Dirty Little Word wipes the slate clean and establishes Sohl as a modern pop force to be reckoned with. Even more impressive is the way Sohl and DeSalvo master their studio sound in a way that makes the most of her stage presence while adding in some intriguing musical twists and turns along the way. Also worth noting is the excellent digi-pak CD artwork and a colorful lyric booklet that features the alluring singer in range of poses.

- The cover art looks like something out of a Japanese anime cartoon and in fact, goth rockers Eternal Descent are in the midst of putting together a new line of comic books. The group features hard rock guitar wunderkind Llexi Leon backed up by the alluring vocals of Elysha West.Llexi Leon is one of the new breed of hard metal rockers. The studio sound of their latest album, Losing Faith is amazing, veering from prog-rock to symphonic hard rock and back again. Guitarist Leon works extensively with ESP guitars and coming in 2009, ESP Guitars will be issuing an Eclipse model guitar featuring artwork from the E.D. comic books that will be part of the growing Eternal Descent / Incendium Records organization. Also fans will want to keep an eye out for the second full length Eternal Descent album which is slated to feature production by original Jimi Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer. In between, fans and newcomers can check of the late 2008 Eternal Descent EP CD, Phantom Of The Opera, featuring Llexi and West performing the title track from from the original Andrew Lloyd Weber musical along with two instrumental originals.

INSIDE RECORDINGS - An American song writing legend loved by music fans for his many fine albums as well as writing and co-writing song classics like “Take It Easy”, “Rock Me On The Water” and countless other song classics, Jackson Brown moves his legacy alive and well into the now with his 2008 CD classic Time The Conqueror, released at the end of 2008. With a fantastic band including Mauricio Lewak, guitarist Mark Goldenberg, Kevin McCormick (bass) and Jeff Young (keys), Jackson roars into the future with an astonishing pop-rock album classic for the ages bound to impress long time fans and newcomers who haven’t yet tuned into his significance. The CD title track, “Time The Conqueror” is simply one of the great songs of the 21st century and succeeds with a message replacing fear with hope for the future. The song is a real “Imagine” style tear-jerker that millions around the planet can find solace in as we move on into our unknown collective future. Jackson Browne may be just one man with a vision, but he speaks volumes for the silent majority who’ve lost their sense of hope and direction during a polarizing, fruitless decade of feudal wars and underrated social unrest.

- Jon Anderson is best remembered as the leader of the Yes group. Creating Yes in 1969 along with Chris Squire, and by 1971 Steve Howe, it was those three guys in this writer's opinion, Anderson, Squire and Howe, who basically wrote the third book in the trilogy of progressive rock as pioneered during the first rock era, circa ‘66-68, by the Beatles and Moody Blues. Due to health issues of Jon Anderson and more recently Chris Squire in 2009, Yes aren’t exactly off to a bang on the 40th anniversary of their 1969 debut album. But Anderson fans sorely missing the Yes comeback years of the late ‘90s can pick up on his 2009 DVD on MVD. Entitled Tour Of The Universe, the DVD is based upon Anderson’s 2004 performances on XM satellite radio. With XM mogul Lee Abrams ubiquitous throughout the DVD espousing the philosophy of his satellite radio empire, the actual content flows and is quite surreal and often amazing to watch. Based upon the actual live performance of Anderson’s one man show, the whole concert is remarkably reworked complete with an amazing graphic treatment that really enhances Anderson’s already cosmic framework. In the spirit of Anderson’s amazing 1996 Toltec album, Tour Of The Universe revisits music from the Yes and Vangelis eras, along with a host of unheard Anderson songs including a new version of the first song he ever wrote. The 2+ hour DVD also taps into a range of strange metaphysical coincidences and there’s even bonus segments with music professors who go on at length about Anderson’ musical philosophies of the “Golden Mean.” With Anderson and Squire temporarily sidelined, Yes fans have suffered some bad news on the 40th but hey, the year is young.

SUSIE WARLEY MUSIC - Originally from New England and now based in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, singer-songwriter Susie Warley released a modern country rock classic with her 2009 CD Naked Dreams. Proving that country music is more a state of mind than just a red state, Warley’s country rock may sound influenced by greats from Skeeter Davis (‘50s) to Linda Ronstadt (‘60s) and Marti Jones and Aimee Mann (‘80s), yet with a memorable batch of satisfying pop rockers, Warley stakes out a vibe all her own. To help realize her contemporary countryfied sound and vision, Warley has assembled a fine crew of backing players including Texas guitarist John Inmon. A rising guitar figure from the Lone Star State, Inmon made a solid impression among guitar fans with his 2008 CD Songs For Heavy Traffic. Compared to the all guitar instrumental sound on his CD, with Naked Dreams Inmon assumes the supporting role of guitarist and producer. Inmon’s always tasteful fretboard work is balanced by Warley’s elegant countrified vocals. The music of Naked Dreams ranges from pop torch songs and light ballads to a more guitar driven upbeat groove with a solid pop edge.


AMD - Inspired by a journey that began back in 1993 when he acquired a new Martin OM21 guitar, Irish guitarist Austin Durack finally got around to releasing his most recent CD, A Guitar Journey, in 2008. In his liner notes Durack cites Big Bill Broonzy as an influence while the all instrumental 15 track CD is filled with Durack’s own compositions which are in turn influenced by his fondness for all forms of fingerstyle acoustic, flamenco, jazz and classical guitar styles. In addition to his reflective original compositions, Durack layers A Guitar Journey with fresh fingerstyle acoustic-based instrumentals of Fats Waller’s “Ain’t Misbehavin’”, Roy Orbison’s “Blue Bayou” and Van Morrison’s early ‘70s classic “Moondance.” With Durack receiving spare yet effective backing from a number of players including his son, guitarist Aidan Durack, A Guitar Journey is yet another delightful recording from this journeyman guitarist.

- Starting out back in the late ‘70s, the group Ancient Future was created by guitarist Matthew Montfort. Tied in with the prog-rock glory days of the 1970’s, Montfort was considered New Age years before it became a household word. Ancient Future stays true to its roots with the 2009 release of Planet Passion. A reissue of the group's 7th album from 2001, on Planet Passion Montfort joins forces with 19 musicians to create a sound that merges a modern Shadowfax neo-fusion jazz sound with exotic influences from Africa, India and Asia. Recording with Ancient Future back in the ‘80s Montfort became famous for his pioneering work with the scalloped fretboard guitar and he brings his unique guitar sound up to date on his first solo album, 2009's Seven Serenades For Scalloped Fretboard Guitar. Blending the exotic sound of Ancient Future into something all his own, Montfort once again demonstrates an impressive grasp of a variety of modern, progressive instrumental acoustic music. A rising record label executive with his growing label and web site, Montfort also adds his outstanding scalloped fretboard guitar playing to the 2009 Ancient Future release of Sangria from pianist Mariah Parker. Subtitled An Indo Latin Jazz Musical Experience, the album features Parker crafting a spine-tingling instrumental Indo / World Beat piano groove armed with Montfort and a range of like minded players like Oregon founder Paul McCandless on English horn. Superbly recorded, Sangria shows just how Montfort and company have remained on the cutting edge of modern World Beat instrumental music for 30 years now.

EAGLE - Back in 1975, Return To Forever was way too jazzy for rock fans and was way too much rock to be simply called jazz. Of course, keyboardist Chick Corea came from a a pure bop-jazz beginning so for him to turn to a complete fusion sound following the original acoustic vision of RTF was a bold move. Joined by Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola and Lenny White, Corea and RTF turned the music world on its head, with Corea and Clarke even becoming spokesmen for the then burgeoning Scientology movement. Fond memories of the heyday of mid ‘70s fusion come flooding back in 2009 with a double CD live set entitled Return To Forever Returns. Recorded at various dates in 2008 during their first tour of the world in 25 years, RTF Returns is an exquisitely recorded CD set. Clearly these guys are seasoned but thanks to their entire company’s incredible grasp of 21st century music technology they sound better now than before. The attractive CD booklet features liner notes by Russ Davis, color photos from the show, notes from the four RTF members and full player and production credits.

JACK BROAD - Sounding inspired by guitarists like Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors, NYC area guitarist Jack Broad burns onto the scene with the 2008 CD release of Current. Described by the artist as being in the guitar-oriented, electronic, modern jazz/fusion genre, Current was produced, composed, programmed, performed, recorded and mixed completely by Broad. Having been taught in part by guitar greats such as John Abercrombie and Frank Gambale, Broad wears his influences well on Current while adding in some unique and favorable instrumental e-jazz touches all his own .

- As far as instrumental fusion music goes, it doesn’t get whole lot better than the 2008 CD release from stick ace Don Schiff. Just glancing at the cover art of the 13 track Peering Over Clouds and its clear the listening experience matches that magic. In the right hands, the multi-string NS Stick can wail like a guitar balanced by an orchestral landslide of harmonic sounds. Released back in 2005, Peering Over Clouds features Schiff backed solely by percussionist Greg Ellis yet the sound overall is quite full and varied. Expert production from the esteemed Think Tank honcho Erik Norlander puts some finely tuned finishing touches on Schiff’s instrumental art-rock masterpiece.

- Guitar fans looking to pick up on a relaxing, near therapeutic instrumental CD that combines acoustic guitar with New Age and even Smooth Jazz should check out the 2008 CD, entitled Stasis from the trio of Price Morant DiMino. Guitarist Chris Morant has composed 15 instrumentals that don’t wear out their welcome. Able assistance from Scooter Price (keys / percussion) and Giancarlo DiMino (bass) help broaden out Morant’s atmospheric high tech acoustic guitar based soundscapes.


DECCA / GEFFEN - Buddy Holly’s famous “Apartment Tapes” have been released several times before—most notably on several import CDs on England's BGO label with the sweetened versions featuring some brilliant and some not so brilliant backing tracks by the Fireballs and guitarist Tommy Allsup and added on after Buddy died by producer Norman Petty.Here unplugged on 8th street in all their glory, they’re worth hearing once again on a 59 track double CD set called Down The Line - Rarities. Released by Decca / Geffen in early 2009,Rarities features Buddy’s original undubbed Apartment Tapes as they were recorded in his Greenwich Village apartment in late 1958 / early ‘59. Of course, Buddy perished in that fatal airplane crash on February 3, 1959, which has over the years become known as the day the music died. The 59 track Down The Line - Rarities double CD features all of Buddy’s final recordings in their purest, best sounding undubbed / unsweetened versions. In addition to the “Apartment Tapes,” Decca packs the 59 track Rarities set with other undubbed and alternate take Holly masters (on disc two) and a second 28 cut CD of more undubbed Holly classics broken into two parts—Earliest Recordings (14 cuts) and Buddy Holly & The Crickets - The Garage Tapes (14 tracks) To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the day the music died, Decca has also released a three CD set entitled Buddy Holly Memorial Collection. Featuring 60 tracks, the Memorial Collection features a number of Holly’s early rockabilly classics and several rarities (one disc one) with all of Buddy’s famous tracks, his final studio tracks made in NYC and a slice of the undubbed “Apartment Tapes” on discs two and three. Commenting on the release of both of these historic Buddy Holly collections, Buddy’s wife Maria Elena Holly adds, ‘The release of these sets will be a magical moment for the fans who have been waiting for a long time to hear the beginnings of Buddy’s career to the end with the apartment tapes, his last recordings! Holly-lujah!’

- Sharing a bill at the 1970 Isle Of Wight festival with giants like The Who, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, The Moody Blues took the stage as one of the most important rock bands in the music world. Having just released their A Question Of Balance album, the Moodies featured a number of tracks from that key album at the 1970 festival, along with classics dating back to the dawn of the classic 7 lineup that recorded Days Of Future Passed in 1967. The Live At The Isle Of Wight CD booklet is filled with photos from the band’s performance along with eye-opening liner notes from Michael Heatley. Moodies founder Mike Pinder was often chided by some of his band mates about the unstable sound of the mellotron in live settings, but performing here before an audience of 600,000 fans, Pinder soon gets his tron under control and the performance is a fine demonstration of the power of the Moody Blues live in concert, free of the perfectionism of the studio, honest earthy and raw as inintended. As he promised back in 2006, Moodies mainstay Justin Hayward did a great job remixing the 1970 Isle Of Wight show. Gearing up to include some historic bonus features, Eagle promises to release the DVD of the Moodies’ 1970 Isle of Wight shows so long time fans should have something to look forward to.

EAGLE VISION - Think Eagle and think of classic rock on DVD. One of the latest titles in Eagles Classic Albums DVD series chronicles the history of the first album from The Doors. Simply entitled The Doors, the original eleven track album was released in 1967 and turned the entire musical world upside down and made singer Jim Morrison an instant pop culture hero. Combining new interviews and musical demonstrations with Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore, Eagle revisits the making of The Doors complete with archive footage, live performances and additional interviews with numerous musicians as well as Doors’ insiders like Elektra founder Jac Holzman and long time Doors’ engineer Bruce Botnick. Additional bonus material fills out this 88 minute rockumentary on one of 1967’s most significant breakthrough albums. Eagle continues on with their Live At Montreux DVD series with new releases including Johnny Lang Live At Montreux. Filmed live in 1999, when Lang was just 18 years old, the 54 minute DVD features the young blues prodigy belting out blues classics originally penned by blues icons like Sonny Boy Williamson and Dr. John. Likewise Tori Amos Live At Montreux 1991/1992 features two separate Amos performances at Montreux. Commemorating the shows, Eagle released a 19 track, 90 minute DVD and a companion CD with 16 tracks. Although Amos make her late ‘80s breakthrough as a rocker, by 1991 she’d been quite effective as a solo artist, performing on stage with just her piano. Commenting on her ‘91/92 Montreux shows, in 2008 Amos recalls, ‘I thought it was important to see these shows again. It’s the same work, but it starts out with me as an unknown, someone who had just come on the scene and ends with someone that had made a record that had been received. There’s no other film that exists from that time. This is the only document. This is it.’ Breaking from her image, at the time, as an introspective singer-songwriter, Amos peppers her ‘92 show with with steamy piano/vocal medley of the Led Zeppelin classic, “Whole Lotta Love” and “Thank You,” and her cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Although they never got the acclaim of some of their contemporaries, The Groundhogs made waves as far back as 1968 with their debut album Scratching The Surface. Breaking up in 1976, The Groundhogs broke up in ‘76 and reforming in 1985, they’ve been going strong ever since. Blending progressive blues and rock, the Groundhogs mainstay has been guitarist TS McPhee and commemorating the band’s 40+ years of boogie rock, Eagle released a double set featuring both a DVD and companion CD entitled The Groundhogs Live At The Astoria 1998. Combined, the 2 disc set features a DVD with the 81 minute show and a 78 audio CD of the same show. In the spirit of blues guitar icon Rory Gallagher—and backed here by bassist Eric Chipulina and drummer Pete Correa—McPhee sings up a storm and blazes away on electric guitar in fine form on Live At The Astoria.

ICONOCLASSIC RECORDS - Another intriguing Mott The Hoople reissue, The Hoople was reissued by Hyannis Port. MA. based Iconoclassic as a deluxe edition including a number of bonus tracks. The final Mott album from 1974, The Hoople was a fitting way to end the classic five year ‘69-74 era just before leader Ian Hunter left to go solo. Featuring the classic Mott lineup with Ian Hunter (Lead vocals / rhythm guitar), the original rhythm section of Dale Griffin (drums) and Overend Watts (bass), new recruit keyboardist Morgan Fisher and lead guitarist Luther Grosvenor (a/k/a Ariel Bender), The Hoople also features several bonus cuts featuring original Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson and a CD closing mash-up entitled “American Pie / The Golden Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll” recorded live in ‘75 on Broadway in NYC. This 2009 CD reissue on Iconoclassic is superbly remastered with key in depth liner notes, loads of rare period piece bonus cuts and photos and that great original Lp cover art.

IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT - Long considered the holy grail for Who fans, the band’s 1977 Kilburn concert in North London was released in 2008 on DVD by Image Entertainment. Originally filmed and recorded for the Who movie The Kids Are Alright, The Who At Kilburn 1977 features the entire Kilburn concert. The DVD set is packaged with a second DVD featuring a never before seen 1969 concert filmed at the London Coliseum. In addition to the London ‘69 show, the DVD features 70 minutes of rare bonus cuts and archival material including the first ever recorded performance of Tommy, culled from the ‘69 how. In addition to the attractive packaging featuring the Who’s trademark union jack flag, the The Who At Kilburn 1977 features a 16 page booklet packed with a wealth of newly penned liner notes and color pictures from the ‘77 show. Both shows are well worth the time of long time Who fans, especially the 1977 Kilburn concert. Beautifully filmed in breathtaking color, it was one of the final shows to feature the band’s founding drummer, the late great Keith Moon, who at the time of the ‘77 concert had less than a year to live.

- With a number of acclaimed Soundstage DVD titles already in their catalog, Koch Vision are on a roll with a number of 2008 releases. Adding to a catalog that already features Soundstage DVDs from rock greats like Lindsay Buckingham and Steve Winwood, Koch Vision rolls out the nearly two hour Heart Live—featuring sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. Topped off by interviews with both Wilson sisters, the 23 song DVD spans highlights from their ‘80s hits, through to their 2004 CD Jupiter’s Darling as well as rare, live Heart covers of Elton John and Led Zeppelin. Another rock legend getting the Koch Vision Soundstage treatment is Sheryl Crow. Also captured in hi-definition and mixed in 5.1 surround sound, the 92 minute Sheryl Crow Live finds the singer-songwriter performing all her big hits including her a cover of Nick Lowe’s “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love And Understanding.” With early hits like “Horse With No Name” and “Sandman,” America were huge back in 1972 and founders Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell have kept those early America standards high with a number of recent releases and notable solo efforts. For their Soundstage CD, America Live In Chicago, Beckley and Bunnell delve into the America songbook, performing 20 classic hits, tagged with a guest appearance by Christopher Cross. In addition the 77 minute America’s DVD features interviews with both Bunnell and Beckley.

RAVEN RECORDS - Back in late 1969 Mott The Hoople appeared with their first U.S. Lp release on Atco / Atlantic called Mott The Hoople. Everything about the album—from its incredible M.C. Esher artwork to the opening licks to their CD opening instrumental cover of “You Really Got Me”—spoke of future greatness. Of course coming on the scene in ‘69 at the same time as future legends like King Crimson and Free meant stiff competition but Mott’s debut album remains one of the all time 1969 debut classics. Forty years have come and gone and listeners can now thrill to the bands’ near half century of history with Mott The Hoople / Ian Hunter The Golden Age 1969-1997. Key to the success of Mott’s success has always been the ability of Mott leader Ian Hunter to work with great rock guitarists, including early founding guitarist Mick Ralphs and, for nearly two decades the late, great Mick Ronson. Filled with tasty morsels from the golden age of psychedelic folk-rock to the heyday of Bowie and glam, Raven’s 2009 CD release of The Golden Age packs 11 Mott The Hoople classics with 7 more cuts from the solo days of Hunter / Ronson. Another classic reissue from Australia's best reissue label.

- Featuring 32 tracks of classic cuts from Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter, Old Records Never Die: The Mott The Hoople / Ian Hunter Anthology is the classic glam-rock band’s most comprehensive U.S. released compilation to date. Exhaustive liner notes by writer Ben Edmonds chronicles the band from Mott’s now classic late 1969 debut through to the 1975 solo debut from Ian Hunter and beyond. With 16 Mott The Hoople tracks spread over disc one, the set is balanced out by a second CD of Hunter solo tracks, from his 1975 debut through to cuts from his 2001 Rant and 2007 Shrunken Heads albums. Excellent remastered CD sound, top liner notes and a number of rare photos enhance Shout! Factory’s Mott The Hoople retrospective.

- Back in the ‘60s Peter Sarstedt recorded several key albums back on United Artists back in the ‘60s and early ‘70s with his big hit being, “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely”. A rare session found by original Sarstedt producer Ray Singer yielded the 2008 CD release of The Lost Album. Recorded in London in 1970, the CD features Sarstedt quickly settling into his legendary singer-songwriter jazz-pop persona, not unlike some of the music his contemporaries like early ‘69 Bowie and Cat Stevens. Sarstedt even made a pretty cool new age instrumental album back in 1987 with his brother Clive. Thanks to producer Singer, Sarstedt’s musical jewel from 1970 gets to shine again.


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