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The spirit of prog-rock is alive and well in grooves of the 2009 CD from the Chilean band Aisles, entitled In Sudden Walks. The lead vocals, sung in English, are deftly handled by Sebastián Vergara while the group also sports inventive electric guitar work from Rodrigo Sepulveda and Germán Vergara, with the later handling the production chores as well. The sound is quite cutting edge and the arrangements borrow from that classic ‘70s U.K. and European progressive rock sound. With a great rock beat—courtesy of drummer Juan Carlos Raglianti—and keyboards of Luis Vergara keeping the sound moving, the CD is filled with imaginative arrangements and an excellent studio sound. Aisles cite influences like Genesis, Marillion, YES, Pink Floyd and King Crimson so if those classic bands turn you on, perhaps Aisles will do the trick as well with the release of In Sudden Walks. The Aisles CD is available from,, as well as from the prog-rock experts at

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Musical Background

Germán: Well I started studying piano when I was 10 years old, but when I turned 14 my older brother Luis (AISLES’ keyboard player) gave me an electric guitar as a present. The guitar had belonged to Rodrigo Sepulveda who is my all time guitar brother. Since then I’ve been studying guitar, both teaching myself and also taking some lessons whenever I could.

Well since AISLES was formed it was conceived with two guitar players, and since then me and Rodrigo, whom is also replying part of this interview, have been trying to elaborate a very unique and complementary sound. In fact I think that we have influenced each other a lot and are still working and evolving our guitarist synergy.

Rodrigo has been playing guitar since he was 11 years old and has made a real art out of it. And it was him, my brother Luis and I who founded AISLES.

New CD

Germán: We are very happy about In Sudden Walks for it has a more mature sound than our previous album. The recording conditions were the highest and te technical team was the best available, unlike The Yearning, which was recorded with a lower budget.

In Sudden Walks was recorded and mixed in Santiago, Chile and it was mastered in the U.S. by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland.

The composing stage was long and we had total freedom and time to create. We composed in small groups, knowing that not every piece of music will make it into the album.

Preproduction started in the winter of 2007 with the musical arrangement sessions, followed by rehearsals and ending after 6 months in long and exhausting recording sessions.

The production of this album would last over a year and resulted from the joint efforts of talented individuals, ranging from the best technical team to gifted musicians and the collaboration of a selected few guest artists.

Incorporating theater into our music was one of the risks we were determined to take on this album and we were fortunate to work with three prominent local actors and actresses. You can see the result in the opening track of the album “Mariachi”.

Luis wrote and directed the scene you find in our opener track.

I think that the album is a very interesting work of music for anybody who is interested in music with content. The band has also evolved and we are happy to be shaping our uniqueness or what we are constantly looking for which is originality and integrity.

The use of electric guitars is present throughout the whole album, we have came to a rougher sound than in The Yearning but still being very careful with the harmonies and details. Acoustic guitars were also used in the album and both Rodrigo and I are very melodic guitar players and innate composers.

Our influences are very varied and you can very much perceive that AISLES is musically eclectic. Our music is sometimes identified as Prog Rock, but we like to think we are going further beyond that. In In Sudden Walks you can find a lot of fusion and music from all over the world.

Favorite Guitars

Rodrigo: My favorite guitars are; Les Paul Custom, Gibson, Gibson SG (Double Neck), Fender Stratocaster with the Floyd Rose Tremolo System and an Alhambra Acoustic.

To record In Sudden Walks I used an Ibanez Prestige S-1620 as electric guitar and a Samick Custom Acoustic Guitar.

The strings I used were Dean Markley and Thomastik, gauge .010

Both Germán and I used a Line 6 Pod XT Pro emulating the amps, cabinets and all sort of effects.

Germán: My favorite guitars are: The Fender Stratocaster with the Floyd Rose, Gibson ES -335, the Ibanez JS 1000 that I own, and I also like very much Lukather’s MusicMan.

To record In Sudden Walks I used an Ibanez JS-1000 as electric guitar, and a Takamine Acoustic guitar.

I used Ernie Ball strings gauge .010 and a Hannabach Goldin for my acoustic guitar.

Musical Influences

Rodrigo: My most influential albums were: Signal, Hemispheres and Moving Pictures by Rush, Tribute by Ozzy Osbourne, Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden, The Extremist by Joe Satriani, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis, Master Of Puppets by Metallica, and Discipline by King Crimson.

My favorite guitar players are: Randy Rhoads, Adrian Smith, Alex Lifeson, Steve Rothery, Adrian Belew.

Germán: My most influential albums were: Sheer Heart Attack & A Night At The Opera by Queen, Fragile & Going For The One by Yes, Signal by Rush, The Lamb Lies Down n Broadway by Genesis, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and Letter From Home by Pat Metheny.

My favorite guitar players are: Steve Howe, Alex Lifeson, Pat Metheny, Brian May and Jimmy Page

Upcoming Plans

Germán: We are currently working on our third album. We are in the composing stage right now. We are also planning to live in Europe over the next years and intend to start the production there once we have settled. I hope that we are able to release our third work together by the end of 2011.

Web Site

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