Deep Space
(House Master Records)


In 2015, Cologne, Germany based guitarist Alan J. Bound released Deep Space: The Alan J. Bound Retrospective 2005 – 2014. The 2015 Deep Space CD compilation from German space-rock guitarist Alan J. Bound features music the guitarist recorded on a pair of albums—Cosmology and Moonglider—over the past decade. Much of the 9 track Deep Space spotlights music Alan J. Bound recorded with Jaki Liebezeit—drummer with German rock legends Can and drummer for Michael Rother during the late 1970s. Fans into the instrumental side of Pink Floyd will find that Deep Space is equally filled with a powerful combination of instrumental progressive rock, electronic rock and sonic space-rock explorations. Deep Space was created and released during the first half of 2015 as a special, limited edition CD and booklet, contained in a mini-Lp style jacket, featuring an all black CD pressing, complete with sonic remastering. Other Deep Space highlights include 4 tracks remixed especially for this 2015 CD release and new liner notes and 2014 interview with Alan J. Bound written by Robert S. Silverstein of Musically, as a guitarist and composer, Alan J. Bound echoes the more melodic and rock driven aspects of later period Tangerine Dream, while the Leibezeit / Rother connection is also echoed thanks to the relentless “motorik” beat fueled by the stellar guitar / drum combination between Alan J. Bound and the drumming icon from Can. Fans might also notice another Pink Floyd-ian kind of sound as Alan sounds (especially, tone wise) like a David Gilmour disciple of sorts. Having hinted at it on their instrumental rock classic, Obscured By Clouds, Deep Space is the kind of music Pink Floyd should have been making more of during their Dark Side era. In fact, I might take it one step further by saying that, if some of the great German classical composers of centuries past were alive today, Deep Space is the kind of music they would be making. Hopefully, this CD will inspire fans of this much revered genre of European progressive music. Who knows? If the more puritanical New Age and classical music critics pass, or miss out, perhaps the heavy metal and hard rock crowd will catch on and appreciate Alan J. Bound for the sheer unrelenting instrumental rock dynamics in play on Deep Space. With one classic melodic track after the next, Alan J. Bound’s Deep Space compilation is the instrumental rock music event of 2015.


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