Born in Caracas and currently working in Vienna, Alfredo Garcia Navas is a guitarist who isn’t afraid of making a number of bold musical moves. Featuring his guitar playing backed up by some top players, Alfredo’s latest CD, 2009’s Camaleón combines daredevil jazz-rock fusion, some fiery Santana inspired Latin guitar heroics, Spanish style classical guitar sounds, a couple vocal cuts and a dose of hot American style bluegrass and country and western style picking and grinning. For guitarists who like instrumentals with a wide breadth of style and substance, Alfredo is your man. Although he released another CD back in 2004, under the project name, Jam, Alfredo’s latest and greatest guitar work can be fully appreciated in the grooves of the 15 track mostly instrumental Camaleón album. For a good appreciation of just how to describe Alfredo’s music, take a look at the Camaleón CD cover where he’s literally surrounded by guitars of all shapes and styles. That’s a good way to describe the eclectic nature of Alfredo’s love and devotion to the guitar and the sound of Camaleón.

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Musical Background

I started playing guitar by myself at the age of 14. A couple of years later I began to study classical guitar in Venezuela. After 6 years studying in Venezuela I moved to Austria to study classical guitar at the University of Music of Vienna. I took my degree in music and started to play more and more Jazz, Latin American music and rock. Right now my music is the result of my experience with many different styles of music : jazz, rock, funk, classical, Latin, etc.

New CD

The name of my new CD is CAMALEÓN (Chameleon). It was recorded between August 2008 and March 2009 in Vienna, Austria.

I counted on the collaboration of marvelous musicians:
Michael Ebm: drums
Jürgen Bauer: bass
Harald Mückstein: percussion
Carla Natascha: vocals
Jhibaro Rodriguez: cuatro and maracas
Plamen Samandjiev: accordion
Pablo Rojas: keyboards
Michael Leibetseder: percussion
Carlos Pino Quintana: fretless bass
Mario Nentwich: keyboard
Werner Grolly: trombone
Stefan Preys: trumpet

We recorded the basis (drums, bass and some guitars) live. The other instruments were recorded in different sessions. Last, I recorded all guitar overdubs. I tried to show my love for music in this recording. For me music is a unity. All music styles are connected in some way. That’s why I want to combine as many different styles as possible. The guitar is the way that I discovered to express my emotions and feelings.

Favorite Guitars

I play many different guitars, Strats, Les Paul, ES, etc.…it depends of my mood or on the sound that I need. On my latest album I used: Fender Strat Deluxe, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Ibanez AS 120, PRS Johnny Hiland signature, Andreas Neubauer Semidele, Fender Telecaster James Burton signature, Yamaha CPX 700, Yamaha SLG 100N and Bernd Holzgruber.

The amps used were: Framus Ruby Riot, Yamaha DG-80 112, Hughes and Kettner 20th anniversary, Blackstar HT5, one Custom amp and a very old Fender but I can’t remember names or specifications.

Pedals: Ibanez TS9, Boss GT-3, Boss CH-1, Boss DD-3, MXR line driver. I play D’addario strings on Strats and Tele 0.10-.046 on Les Paul and ES. 0.11-0.49 on classical guitar composite hard tension.

Musical Influences

I think everything that I have ever heard has influenced me. My favorite guitarists: Joe Pass, Paco de Lucia, Eddie Van Halen, John Scofield, Danny Gatton, Pat Metheny.

The most influential albums: Van Halen (I, Diver Down and 1984) Santana (albums of the 70’s ), The Police (every album), The Wall (Pink Floyd), Fuente y Caudal (Paco de Lucia)

Upcoming Plans

I am working on material for a new record. But this process has just started and it will certainly take some time to finish it. I am constantly performing in Europe. Tour dates are on my website.

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