The follow up to his 2004 Alvin Lee In Tennessee, recorded with rock ‘n’ roll legends Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, the 2007 release of Saguitar finds U.K. rock great Alvin Lee getting back to his rock roots. Commenting on his return to form Alvin adds, “I used to be a hot young star and now I’m an old dog. As you get older you go back to what you do best.” Held in high praise by both blues fans and the cutting edge rock movement of the late ‘60s / early ‘ 70s, Lee and his group Ten Years After broke the barrier between blues, pop and rock and roll. 40 years after the first Ten Years After sessions, Lee is back on track with Saguitar. Though he modestly adds, “I sit there with my ’Big Red’ Gibson guitar and a tape recorder and pluck themes out of the ether,” Alvin Lee and Co. brings the blues guitar around again with the astrologically sound Saguitar.


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