Beatbox Guitar
(Beatbox Guitar)


Now here’s an odd one my dear. Featuring fretboard maestro and composer Rob Mastrianni on classical guitar, electric sitar guitar, drone flute and berimbau and Pete List on bass guitars and believe it or not, human beatbox, the album and group known as Beatbox Guitar fuses a wealth of time honored musical sounds and visions and takes the whole shebang into a way cool new direction. Based out in good old Brooklyn, NYC, Beatbox Guitar creates a whole new guitar-based genre around modern flamenco along with touches of psychedelic rock, hip-hop and by god, even punk? Pete List follows Rob’s exquisite guitar stylings adding in some punctual bass riffs and battens down the hatches with his flow of beat and breath on his microphone—turning himself into a veritable human beat box! With it’s ancient flamenco meets the human beatbox, the whole thing could have been a disaster but quite the contrary jeeves! These guys are great. If you love flamenco with a touch of sitar backed up by some cool rocking bass, then the all instrumental flamenco rock groove of Beatbox Guitar is definitely for you. Let’s hope we hear much more from these guys.


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