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A marked man living on borrowed time when he died that fateful December 8th, John Lennon left this planet with the gift of song. The title of Lennon’s masterful hit Beatles single, two completely different Beatles albums and a feature film that simultaneously epitomized the new found depth and maturity of song writing in The Beatles, Help! celebrates 42 years of greatness in 2007 with a digitally restored double DVD of the movie. Disc 2 of the 2007 Help! comes with a host of special features, including a documentary of making the movie with director Richard Lester, a look at how the film was restored, trailers, hidden radio spots, cast and crew and a missing scene. August 2007 liner notes by Martin Scorsese reveals the major impact Help! had on him and he even compares it favorably to art films around this time like Blow-Up and Fahrenheit 451.


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