Story Of A Heart


One of the original members and chief composers of Swedish pop pioneers, ABBA, Benny Andersson makes a solid return to form with the CD release of Story Of A Heart, released March 2010 in America on Decca Records. That sound that made ABBA such a household word around the globe remains in peak form on Benny’s new 14 track CD. Athough credited to Benny, much of the music here was written in collaboration with Benny’s ABBA buddy Björn Ulvaeus. The two lead off tracks, “Glasgow Boogie” and “Trolska” border on a near progressive, traditional instrumental sound based upon the finest Swedish musical traditions, while quickly coming after, track three, the title track “Story Of A Heart” is one of the great pop songs ABBA never got to record. A number one if there was one. Timed to coincide with ABBA being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame on March 15, 2010, Story Of A Heart is a masterful mix of Swedish folk traditions, big band music, Bach style classical, polkas, waltzes, Celtic folk, ‘50s pop and ABBA style pop and roll. Other key instrumental tracks here like "Tyrolean Schottische", "Cirkus Finemang" and "Jehu" are slightly reminiscent of the (now) late, great Lars Hollmer, who was one of the architects behind the joining together of rock and Svenska polska in Sweden. Commenting on the CD, Benny adds, ‘I wanted to make music based on the Swedish folk tradition, but with new songs written by me.’ On hand are a number of Swedish music superstars including singers Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, Swedish guitar ace Kalle Moraeus and loads more. If you miss ABBA and the great Lasse Hollmer and the magnificent Euro-pop aura they created in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, you’ll find much fine music to enjoy on Benny’s Andersson’s outstanding solo album.


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