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“In your footsteps I’ll follow,” sings Billy Sherwood on “The Following,” track four of his 2010 CD Oneirology. Interesting name for an album I’d say considering I’ve never heard that word before! Sherwood’s come a long way since helping guide YES into a brave new world on late ‘90s classic rock albums like Open Your Eyes and The Ladder in addition to a pair of trendsetting albums that Billy crafted with YES bass ace Chris Squire and their on again / off again band called Conspiracy. Of course, that was during the good old days between Summer 2000 and the close of 2004 but, yet even with Squire leaving L.A. for England and then reforming with his ‘60s band The SYN in 2005 and then, Chris' subsequent return to the classic YES format with Steve Howe and Alan White, Billy’s been anything but idle regarding new musical endeavors. Releasing several CD and DVD titles with his band CIRCA, with founding YES keyboardist Tony Kaye as well as a 2008 solo CD, At The Speed Of Life, Sherwood is breaking records again with his 2010 CD Oneirology. I must say, the eight track Oneirology is the most Yes / Conspiracy sounding release since 2003’s The Unknown, itself one of the key prog-rock records of the double 0’s. Making an excellent introduction, the title track of Oneirology serves as a musical mantra with it’s circular melodies and near Asian flavored word play. Regarding the intriguing CD title Billy adds, ‘I had a dream about making my next solo CD about my dreams, so I did just that. All the songs relate to specific dreamscapes I have visited and continue to revisit. When considering what to call the record I felt the best summation of the concept was "Oneirology"... meaning "the study of dreams". Taking a late ‘90s YES inspired approach to postmodern prog rock for the millennium, Oneirology puts Sherwood in a most favorable light, especially with those long standing YES fans lucky enough to have heard the two Conspiracy albums featuring Chris Squire. There’s hardly a note out of place here and the whole thing comes off as a musical miracle, especially considering that the entire Oneirology CD was written, produced and performed entirely by Sherwood at his hi-tech, state of the art 4Tune Studios.


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