The first impression I got after hearing the 2010 CD release of VOCAbuLarieS from singer Bobby McFerrin was that it sounded like a cross between Brian Wilson’s stacked vocal harmonies and the Swingle Singers classical jazz vocal sound that was so popular back in the ‘60s. For his first new album in eight years, on 2010’s VOCAbuLarieS McFerrin joins forces with a range of top singers, including CD producer and co-composer Roger Treece, who is also a member of Bobby’s improvising vocal ensemble called Voicestra. Most famous for his huge everywhere, 1988 hit single “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” McFerrin continues to explore new ways to showcase his unique, vocal-dominated arrangements that so skillfully blends his love of classical, R&B, jazz, pop and World Music vocal sounds. Throughout VOCAbuLarieS Bobby gets some sumptuous vocal back up from noted singers such as Roger Treece, Lisa Fischer, Joey Blake, Janis Siegel and many others. With it’s virtual choir and wall of vocals sound, painstakingly recorded and distilled from over 1400 vocal tracks, VOCAbuLarieS is also embellished with tasteful percussion from Alex Acuña with Roger Treece supplying added percussion and synth programming. The neatly designed CD booklet features complete lyrics while the detailed liner notes hip you to McFerrin’s latest, jazzy / classical pop grooves. /


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