Lost Highway
Lost Highway: The Concert


The band’s tenth studio album since forming in the early ‘80s, Lost Highway is a watershed moment in the career of Bon Jovi. Described by the band’s ever popular lead singer Jon Bon Jovi as ‘A Bon Jovi record influenced by Nashville,’ Lost Highway features twelve originals that capture the core essence of the band’s famous stadium size rock beat. Commenting on recording Lost Highway, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora states, ‘Writing this record with Jon was deeply cathartic. I was going through emotional changes that were new for me. I poured everything I had into this project, every last bit of soul at my command,’ with the guitarist further adding, ‘I’m also a traveler on that Lost Highway. It’s scary because it’s unknown, but it’s also comforting because it’s leading to exciting new places.’ Featuring the band’s patented anthemic rock sound backed up by top musicianship, Lost Highway is the latest chapter from one of America’s most enduring rock and roll legends. Hot on the heels of their chart-topping 2007 CD, Lost Highway, N.J. rockers Bon Jovi present a live DVD of that classic album entitled Lost Highway: The Concert. Performed on a sound stage specifically constructed for the concert, the DVD on A&E features the entire Lost Highway album start to finish live and in concert before closing out with three Bon Jovi classics. Featuring interviews with the four key founding members and various other features, the DVD is expertly filmed in hi-def and presents a concise look at how Bon Jovi’s sound has really developed in 2007. /


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