The Circle
(Island Records)


For their follow up CD to 2007’s Lost Highway album, Bon Jovi gets its on again with 2009’s The Circle. It’s been noted that compared to the slight Nashville tinge on Lost Highway, the music of The Circle cuts closer to the pure rock essence of the Bon Jovi "Garden State" sound. Just about every track on The Circle is filled with classic Bon Jovirock anthems that will have kids across the globe punching fists into the air and rocking out on air guitars. Produced by John Shanks—with co-production by Bon Jovi front men Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora—the '09 CD also features vital contributions from long time band members David Bryan (keyboards) and Tico Torres (drums). By looking back, yet moving the sound forward as well, The Circle serves as a summation of Bon Jovi’s 25+ year history. That history circles back into the light on a fascinating DVD, filmed in black & white, that accompanies a special edition CD+DVD release of The Circle. Entitled When We Were Beautiful the DVD tastefully showcases the craziness of the band’s hectic schedule during their 2008 world tour. Centered in spirit around Bon Jovi’s July 12, 2008 show in Central Park in NYC, the DVD features several performance clips, but—with backstage footage from NYC, London, Dublin and even Dubai—it really hones in on the worldwide phenomenon known simply as Bon Jovi. The CD of The Circle is a must for long time fans while the added DVD will enlighten those who either missed Bon Jovi before, while more or less exalting their legacy once again in the hearts and minds of the band’s millions of followers. The CD/DVD packaging—filled with spectacular artwork, complete credits and lyrics—adds further luster to one of the essential rock releases of 2009.


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