The Doughnut In Granny’s Greenhouse


Described as a cross between Monty Python and The Beatles, England’s Bonzo Dog Band were renowned for their hilarious rock albums recorded for EMI / Liberty Records between 1966-72. With a wide variety of tracks that simply rock to recorded skits that made you crack up, the Bonzos had some great talent on board including rock guitar ace Neil Innes and the extremely funny and now late, great singer Vivian Stanshall. Reissued on CD by EMI in 2007 are Gorilla (1967), The Doughnut In Granny’s Greenhouse (1968), Tadpoles (1969), Keynsham ((1969) and a final contractual obligation album, Let’s Make Up And Be Friendly. Of course, Innes would go on to keep his rock meets parody stance on a couple of albums and a movie with The Rutles, but these early Bonzo classics are a great place to rediscover the great sound of his first major band. Another classic rock band on EMI, the Bonzo’s also had a lot in common with The Beatles. Appearing in a classic skit during Magical Mystery Tour, the Bonzo’s worked at one point by Paul McCartney, who produced their one hit wonder, “I’m The Urban Spaceman.” Each of EMI's 2007 Bonzo’s remasters include liner notes by Innes that puts the band’s illustrious past into perspective, along with track-by-track notes and slew of sidesplitting bonus cuts.


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