Running For The Drum
(Appleseed Recordings)


A folk-rock legend from the early ‘60s whose early song “Universal Soldier” became a rallying cry for the ‘60s peace movement, Buffy Sainte-Marie returns in prime form with her first album of new material in 13 years, the 2009 CD/DVD release of Running For The Drum. Although she is often remembered for her contributions to the early ‘60s NYC folk music scene, Buffy always had a great affinity for rock and roll. On Running For The Drum, Buffy returns with a tight band headed up by the crisp electric lead work of guitarist Chris Birkett, who also serves as the CD co-producer. Buffy’s voice continues to amaze and she’s penned an incredible range of rockers and torch song ballads on what may be her finest album yet. In fact, track five on the new CD, “Too Much Is Never Enough” is classic Buffy, complete with searing electric guitar work from Chris Birkett. With it's gorgeous melody, the song is equally as appealing as her most famous song “Up Where We Belong”—a song that became a huge world wide smash for Joe Cocker in the early ‘80s. Another highlight here, “I Bet My Heart On You” is a burundi beat rave up in the spirit of prime-time T. Rex. “To The Ends Of The World” would have made a great Roy Orbison song for the second Traveling Wilburys album, an album that sadly never happened. Buffy's long time friend Taj Mahal drops by for a guest appearance. Throughout the CD, Buffy combines a smorgasbord of pop, protest, country, rock, dance-remix, rockabilly and wide screen love songs to a great effect. As if that wasn’t reason enough, the Running For The Drum CD is packaged with a full length DVD documentary from 2006 that charts Buffy's Native American Indian roots from the ‘60s all the way till the early 2000’s. Directed by Joan Prowse, Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life features new interviews with Buffy along with more interviews and insights from her big fans like Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, Bill Cosby, Randy Bachman, Eric Anderson and Steppenwolf rocker John Kay. The CD/DVD set, released through Ms. Sainte-Marie’s label, Gypsy Boy Music with release in the USA by PA-based Appleseed Records, is an essential hear and see for folk fans, rock fans and musicologists alike. www.buffysainte-marie.com / www.AppleseedMusic.com


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