Buzzy Linhart and Art Berggren have joined forces for and the results pay off with two vintage CD sets of classic Buzzy—one, Buzzy's buzzy, featuring the famous buzzy album recorded in 1968 in London and another CD simply entitled Studio that compiles eleven various mid ‘70s tracks. The original ‘68 buzzy album was made in London on the same four track machine the Beatles used for Sgt. Pepper and sure it sounds great to me. New liner notes grace the back cover of BuzzArt’s 2008 reissue of Buzzy’s buzzy silver disc CD. The Studio CD features an outstanding track lineup of newly uncovered classic Linhart gems with guest appearances by ace guitarists Doug Rodrigues and Steve Hunter. Both feature excellent digi-pak artwork with recording dates and discographical info. One thing Buzzy fans will agree on, is that his 1970 Music album, recorded at Electric Lady studios, is one of the greatest rock albums from that classic dawn of the ‘70s era. Fortunately, BuzzArt have obtained the original masters from Music producer, engineer Eddie Kramer, and is now planning the first official CD reissue of Music, complete with a never before heard track from the Music sessions entitled “The Birds,” co-written by Buzzy and Moogy Klingman.


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