Déjà Vu Live


In the cross-hairs of the vast right wing conspiracy, the living legends known as Crosby Stills Nash & Young took the stage during the summer of 2006 aiming to impeach el prez, GW Bush (aka Dubya). Of course in true civil warrior fashion, CSNY were loved in the blue states yet taken to task and basically given the finger by some in our American red states. Having witnessed the performance of the music on this 2008 soundtrack to the Déjà Vu movie soundtrack during the summer ‘06 CSN&Y "Freedom Of Speech" tour, I can attest that the concert was one of the most striking and harrowing these guys ever played. Much of the music here is focused on spirited live Summer ‘06 versions from Young’s controversial Living With War / Raw albums. While the CD focuses on the flash points from the movie Déjà Vu Live, what’s not on the CD are some stellar interlude moments in the middle of the set that shed a light on classic acoustic covers drawn from early ‘70s solo efforts by Neil Young, Graham Nash and David Crosby. Featured here on the Buffalo Springfield chestnut “For What It’s Worth,” Stephen Stills was supposedly very sick but he soldiered on with the tour adding further weight and some excellent guitar work to Young’s anti-Bush diatribes. Say what you will about the movie, Bush is almost history, but back in ‘06 Young had a lot of guts to put his political views across so succinctly across, while matching his devastating antiwar themes with CSNY’s uncanny fondness for ‘60s classic pop melodies. www.CSNY.com


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