I Got Your Mantra
(Art Of Life Records)


One of the most versatile jazz rock fusion guitarists in the world today, Carl Filipiak recently reissued his 2007 CD I Got Your Mantra—featuring Carl with The Jimi Jazz Band—as an audiophile vinyl (180 gram) Lp pressing. When it was first released on CD back in 2007, I Got Your Mantra stunned jazz rock fusion listeners with its stellar mix of electric and acoustic instrumental tracks. A most memorable time in fusion history, the Mantra CD kicked off with Carl’s exquisite cover of The Beatles favorite “A Day In The Life”. That track alone is worth picking up the CD or now, the Lp. The Lp fits “A Day In The Life” in at track 5, which ends side one of the vinyl. Another Filipiak original track here, “Into The Sea” is a haunting Hendrix style instrumental that simply sizzles with emotion and guitar finesse. Hendrix fans will note that I Got Your Mantra also includes Carl’s mostly instrumental cover of Jimi’s “Bold As Love” which captures all the instrumental nuances of the song. Speaking of Hendrix, from the original Mantra CD and now, also the Lp liner notes, Carl recalls, “I was fortunate to have had the experience of witnessing Hendrix play live. It’s always been on an eternal tape look in my mind’s eye. Looking back, I had no idea those sights, sounds and memories would manifest themselves into this current project. Fast forward to the 21st century. It has inspired me to write and record in a way that reflects the vibe of the sixties and to also resonate with the decade that I live in. This album is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and the spirit of the sixties.” Track five on the CD and and track one / side 2 on the Lp is another classic Filipiak original called “14-15-16”. The song combines both electric and acoustic guitar sounds and clearly is another highlight of I Got Your Mantra. Carl’s band mates in his Jimi Jazz Band are first rate, featuring Dennis Chambers and John Thomakos (drums), Paul Soroka (keys) and Steve Zerlin (bass, and vocals on “Bold As Love”), this in addition to other guests who appear, including album co-producer John Grant. Even though the best tracks here include the ones mentioned above, Carl never forgets to lighten the mood with some funky and jazzy instrumentals such as track eight on the CD, “Wakan Tanka” (track 3 on side 2 of the Lp). Carl Filipiak’s I Got Your Mantra is truly one of the great instrumental guitar fusion albums of the past decade. Whether your choice is the 2007 CD version or the 2015 Lp pressing, guitar fans can’t go wrong with the exquisitely dynamic instrumental guitar prowess in play on I Got Your Mantra. /


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