Paradise Swamp


She’s been described as the female Allan Holdsworth and while that’s a worthwhile goal for any guitarist, there’s plenty of excellent guitar playing and ensemble fusion work on the 2008 CD from California-based Catherine Delgadillo. Featuring a tight band, including her drummer / husband Kevin Delgadillo, Paradise Swamp is a solid 9 cut instrumental modern rock fusion classic that places Ms. Delgadillo in some interesting musical light. Commenting on her solo CD debut she adds, ‘There are no preconceived ideas as to what the melody or song is "supposed" to sound like at the start. As I write, I'm taken on a journey and not knowing where I am going is exciting, adventurous, and pure enjoyment. No one else needs to hear it if you don't want them to. You are doing it for yourself. Live for the moment.' In addition to handling the electric and acoustic guitars, Catherine proves to be an adept keyboardist as well, multi-tracking her well recorded acoustic piano parts. From melodic fusion to more atmospheric acoustic guitar / piano pieces, Paradise Swamp displays an abundance of creative modern instrumental music.


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