Journey In A New Land
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A multitalented guitarist who has developed quite a name for himself in the progressive rock and instrumental hard rock worlds over the past few years, Denver-based Charles Brown has a number of CDs out under his own name. Brown’s most recent solo CD, 2007’s Journey In A New Land is quite simply put, a masterpiece of guitar driven instrumental rock that combines a wealth of moods and musical styles that will pin you to the wall. Well deserving of further attention in the guitar world and recording world, Brown is quite a force! Brown excels in the kind of prog, albeit instrumental by nature, that music fans used to thrill to back in the early ‘70s when groups such as Yes used to combine songs into side long suites quite successfully I might add. Case in point is the lead off track “Journey In A New Land,” which clocks at 18+ minutes. Featuring Brown handling all the electric guitars, guitar synth, acoustic, classical and slide guitars, the self-titled lead off song to Journey In A New Land is a musical tour de force that should easily appeal to those who still revel in the glory days of groups like Yes and ELP. Ever the guitar diplomat, Brown also cites harder edged rock influences such as Dream Theater and Deep Purple and those illustrious influences also seep into Brown’s complex rock sound. For a do it yourself kind of recording, the sound quality of Journey In A New Land is excellent and helping Brown round out his big prog beat are a number of gifted players including Rick Milo (drums), Matt Bassano (keyboards), Steve Espinosa (bass, piano, violin) and a so called Mr. X (on additional drums). In kind of the same bag as Brown’s last critically acclaimed solo album Atmospheric Journey, his 2007 Journey In A New Land will do just fine, at least until Brown unleashes his planned, long awaited masterpiece. /

{apologies to guitar great CHARLES BROWN the web site's shoddy editing on this review. Sorry Charles. - editor)

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Musical Background

I've been playing over 30 years now! I spent over 15 years playing around the Western U.S. and Colorado in bands during the 80's and 90's. I have a degree in music and audio, and have taught guitar as well.

New CD

My latest CD is entitled Journey In A New Land. It's in the progressive rock vein, and features hard rock, progressive riffs, guitar synth textures, and acoustic and classical elements. Most of it was recorded at my home studio with Pro Tools, Crown D-45, AKG mics, and JBL Monitors. Much of it was done by trading files with the other musicians who played on it, then importing those files back into my Pro Tools for EQ, mixing, etc. It's comprised of fairly long pieces or suites, which is a result of my love of classical and progressive music, and bands like Dream Theater, Rush, etc.

Favorite Guitars

My main Guitars are a late 70's Fender Strat and Les Paul Standard. I use a Roland GR-30 guitar synth for the synth textures. I use various acoustic and classical guitars for the acoustic sections. My main amp is a Marshall 50 watt Master Volume from the mid 70's, through a Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet. I pretty much play straight through the Marshall for live stuff but for recording, I love Lexicon processors, and Line 6 POD.

Musical Influences

My favorite players & influences are Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Rainbow, Pat Metheny, Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe, Marillion, Dream Theater and classical players Sharon Isbin and Christopher Parkening. Pretty much most of the albums by the above mentioned players would be among my favorites!

Upcoming Plans

I'm working on another CD that might be done by the fall possibly. It will be in the same progressive vein as my other CD's. I'm also currently involved with a band in Denver, CO called Yarrow. They're actually more of a blues based thing, and I get to play other styles I grew up on like Savoy Brown, ZZ Top, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter. They do gigs around the Denver area, and are working on a CD for sometime in the future.

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