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When he’s not cultivating pure pop magic with his band mate Steve Barry in Tan Sleeve, and when he’s not cutting solo albums running the gamut musically, singer-guitarist Lane Steinberg can be heard and seen with the band Cracked Latin. A project put together by Lane and musical cohort, singer-songwriter Luis Accorsi, Cracked Latin released their debut CD in 2009 and in 2011 they follow with a new live Cracked Latin CD called In Situ - Live At The Iridium. Recorded at the famous Manhattan jazz club, the CD offers a great example of what this band are really capable of. With Accorsi and Lane backed up by a smoking band, the sound conjured is sort of the NYC equivalent of early Santana with more than a nod to the humor of Frank Zappa. The Cracked Latin cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Let’s Spend The Night Together” is truly imaginative, turning the Stones’ 1966 pop pumper into a low down and dirty merengue-tinged Miami special. presents an interview with
of Cracked Latin

mwe3: For those of us who weren’t at the Iridium that night, can you say something about the show that you recorded and have now released as the Cracked Latin In Situ live CD, just released?

Luis: The infinite in music is captured note by note, and here are small windows into universal black holes!

Lane: It was a really hot New York night. Iridium is in the center of the theater district, so besides our fans, there were some tourist types who really got caught up in the excitement. Perhaps the best moment was when I saw a bunch of the kitchen workers standing on the side grooving to the music. That was cool.

mwe3: It was a great choice covering the Stones classic “Let’s Spend The Night Together”. How did you guys come up with the genius move to Cracked Latin-ize that Stones track?

Luis: The Rolling Stones cover was a shoe in, as I've never done a single cover in my life except when I was 12 and drunk I could imitate him real well!

Lane: We have a huge love for early Stones, and we were just messing around and it came out. The song really lends itself well to a Latin rhythm, but a great song can survive all sorts of permutations.

mwe3: Can you say something about the band appearing with you on the Cracked Latin live In Situ CD? There’s some great playing there and what did Charlie Z. who also played drums, bring the proceedings?

Luis: The band is a reincarnation of both of us as expert top flight musicians!!

Lane: Charlie took a lot of the head arrangements on the CD and wrote them out. He also expanded some of the songs to utilize some of the monster players that we had with us. There are some really amazing moments, like Mark Goskin’s piano solo on “Aceite”, which is timeless.

mwe3: Again, the cover art of the live In Situ is fantastic. How did you you come up with the shrunken head cover art? Another cover that should be nominated for a Grammy. Almost as cool as The World Is Cracked Latin cover art!

Lane: We’re very sensitive to presentation and we scoured hundreds of pictures before landing on that one. It seemed to jump out. And Jon LaPorta, who does all our graphics, just took it over the top.

mwe3: I hear the new Cracked Latin studio album is supposed to be even more far out than The World Is Cracked Latin. Can you say something about the direction of the next Cracked Latin CD and what can the fans expect this time around?

Luis: This new CL record is our hearts and soul as bloodied up and tattered as can be without revulsion for the world to hear and be exorcised from the catatonic state of modern baby formula music.

Lane: The new Cracked Latin CD is just about finished, and will be called Alone With You. All I will say right now is that it is a big step forward for us. There were many personal situations that arose during the making of the album, and we sought refuge in its creation. There are some things on it that don’t sound like anything either of us have ever done, alone or together. In fact, today I am mixing a track that we co-wrote with R. Stevie Moore that features a string quartet chart that was written by Drew Farmer of the Stolen Idols. Wait’ll you hear it!

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