The Night Turned To Song
(Fortune Records)


In a twist of fate, famed producer Jack Douglas put a good word in to the ear of record label owner Jim Greer who then went on to sign singer-songwriter Cyndi Harvell. Getting her footing in the mini music mecca of Athens, GA., Harvell made her way out to the West Coast, starting out with her acoustic trio. Harvell herself is modestly surprised at the way her band morphed form coffee shop trio to full sounding pop-rock band. On her 2009 CD, The Night Turned To Song, Harvell’s songs, vocals and acoustic guitar receive fine support from Jim Greer (on bass) with key contributions from John Howland (electric guitars, weissenborn, slide guitar) and Mike Stevens (drums and percussion). As they unwind, Harvell’s songs rock softly with dependable hooks and solid instrumentation. Harvell cites icons from Madonna to Soundgarden as early influences and one can also detect influences like Edie Brickell and Stevie Nicks in the mix. All told, Harvell is off to an impressive start as a solo artist with The Night Turned To Song. Let’s hope she gets to further cultivate her song writing and vocal craft.


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