Love Themes For Solo Piano
(Dan Chadburn Music)


In 2017, one of the shining lights on the early 21st century contemporary solo piano scene, Dan Chadburn released Held In The Light—a collection of traditional, sacred hymns, some dating back to the 1800’s and all reinterpreted in Dan’s instrumental piano style. Bringing his music to yet another level, in 2019 Dan dazzled the music world with a new offering called Love Themes For Solo Piano, a CD of all new material released on his Dan Chadburn Music label. Dedicated to Dan’s husband, music partner / co-producer, and singer-songwriter Tom Nichols, the 45-minute, 13-song Love Themes For Solo Piano was recorded by mixing / mastering engineer Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven recording studios in Sedona, Arizona. A most worthy continuation of the sonic spirit captured on Dan’s other recent album releasesincluding his 2016 album Beyond Words and the previously mentioned Held In The Lightthe 2019 release of Love Themes For Solo Piano features 13 newly recorded tracks with the focus upon Dan's improvisational piano styles, and drawn from a collection of New Age, easy-listening, yet totally modern sounding, neoclassical arrangements. As always, Dan’s calling card is his flowing piano style, with improvised piano-centric patterns merging with exquisite compositional ideas. Some of Dan’s tracks on Love Themes For Solo Piano were improvisations first that were later transcribed by John Zechiel and then re-recorded by Dan with other tracks on the CD composed by Danone as far back as 1998. Speaking to mwe3.com about the story behind some of the individual songs, Dan says, “Many of them were improvs and given names only after the recording session. I wanted the album to represent love. A few have stories; “Shalom” was improvised in memory of my Mom; “Unconditional” was borne while watching our dog Molly sleep on the couch; “Timeless” was a composite ‘Theme’ of two different pieces — one composed on March 21, 1998 - right as Tom and I were getting ready to release my first album, Solo Piano, and the other… unintentionally; coincidentally? … on March 21, 2017.” Dan further adds, "There are a couple other videos on YouTube that you might also find helpful / useful. As I mentioned, several of the album's tracks originated first as improvisations in concerts, then were transcribed by John Zechiel, and then re-recorded in the studio for the album last June. Here are two of those - This is now "Gentle Touch" on the Love Themes for Solo Piano album and this is now "Reminisce" on the Love Themes for Solo Piano album." Also, regarding the very effective and colorful front cover photo of Dan performing at the piano, he says, "The cover art was photographed by Julie Nevue. Julie is married to David Nevue, the founder of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. The photo was taken in Costa Mesa, California at the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Awards Concert in January, 2017. My album, Beyond Words was among the nominees for Whisperings Album of the Year." As mentioned above, the final track on Love Themes For Solo Piano, called “Shalom”, is endearingly dedicated to Dan’s mother, who sadly passed away in early 2019. Dan says that “Shalom was created at the piano in memory of my Mom, while looking out at Sedona’s beautiful landscape beyond Piano Haven’s studio window.” Arriving at a place in time when the terms instrumental New Age and meditation music are universally referred to and accepted, Love Themes For Solo Piano is a magical album of original, instrumental music with the spotlight on Dan Chadburn's signature piano sound. www.youtube.com / www.DanChadburn.com


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