Better Late Than Never
(Danny Brill Music)


In May of 1971, Danny Brill went downtown to Fillmore East and saw Emerson Lake & Palmer and he's never been the same! Having given up playing in the '70s, Brill went on to form Keyboard Instrument Rentals in NYC. Around 2004 Brill began writing some new material and lo and behold in 2008, he released the appropriately titled Better Late Than Never. Although greatly influenced by prog-rock keyboard giants like Emerson and even Tony Kaye, Brill keeps it all things eclectic, with the CD featuring key musical roles from Stories vocal legend Ian Lloyd, bass / stick ace Tony Levin and guitarist Nick Moroch. Spotlighting Brill’s skillful keyboard work on piano and all things electronic, the CD features a host of key musicians including Brill's daughter Jessie Brill (cello) and son Keith Brill (narration). Recorded in Upstate N.Y. between 2004 and 2007, Better Late Than Never was expertly mixed by master sound man David Hentschel in England in 2008. Having worked wonders with Mike Oldfield and Genesis, Hentschel is well known among studio engineers as being one of the best and his sound stamp is all over Brill’s masterwork. With a number of dizzying instrumental-based tracks, Better Late Than Never serves as a superb showcase for Brill’s daring keyboard concepts. www.DannyBrill.com


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