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Guitarist David Stockden was born in Leamington Spa, England in November 1979, just six months after I finally graduated from college at the age of 25! The concept of the guitar as something to be cherished through the ages can be fullly appreciated on the 2010 CD release of Reflections Of Themes, the second album from the young guitarist. And what a rockin’ instrumental album it is! Some tracks sound like young Stockden is channeling the spirit of Jimi Hendrix while the all instrumental nature of the album takes it in other jazzy and even acoustic directions. Even though Stockden studied classical guitar and was influenced early on by the music of Def Leopard, Ozzy, and later by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, you can also hear more than just a shred of originality here. Simply put, on the ten track Reflections Of Themes, Stockden gets it all together in style with his own unique blend of guitar-based instrumental rock music. Interestingly, Stockden performs all the guitars and keyboard sounds with bass and drums supplied by the “Studio Pros Team” out in Hollywood, CA. Also appearing on bass here is the great Stu Hamm, a legend from the crazy ‘80s. Hamm's renowned bass presence adds further cred to Stockden’s already formidable guitar sound. A solid follow up to Stockden’s 2005 True Intent CD, 2010’s Reflections Of Themes is a great spin for guitar instro fans and listeners who know just how effective instrumental rock sounds when its done right. www.DavidStockden.com

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Musical Background

I began playing guitar when I was 12, although I had got a nylon string guitar a year earlier but it sat gathering dust, I took lessons for 6 weeks with a wonderful teacher called Phillip Luckhurst. I then went off and taught myself from reading magazines and buying tab books. Before guitar I had tried violin and was in a marching band as a drummer and briefly a cornet player, I never really was that into any of those things though, it was always guitar and I would have started earlier if I had found someone to teach me the basics!

New CD

My latest CD is called Reflections of Themes. I recorded all the guitar parts, a bass part and the keyboards in my studio. I recorded all the guitar parts via my Pod XT Live straight into Logic on my Mac. The amazing Stu Hamm played bass on 2 tracks, it was great to have such a player bringing his style and technique to my tracks. The drums were played by a company called Studio Pros in Hollywood CA. They also supplied bass on a number of tracks. All of the collaborations were done via phone calls and the internet.

I looked into having it mixed and tested out a couple of companies. In the end however I found it easier to mix it myself as I knew what I wanted it to sound like. The mastering was done by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering. He does the mastering for Dave Gilmour and Pink Floyd so I thought he was a good option! The entire process took around nine months in total from January 2009-September 2009. I released it at the end of November 2009 to coincide with a trip to the U.S.A.

I think this album reflects more about what I am about by covering a fair few different styles. There is a couple of tracks that link in together. Which these are, is up to the listener to decide. I tried to balance 'flash' with a more melodic approach and also be able to hold back and play something with more feeling and less technique. I don't consider myself a shredder type as I don't really have the technique for all those swept arpeggios and widdles! I admire people like Paul Gilbert and Vinnie Moore for their ability to shred, but they also have the ability to play with feel and soul, something that can be missing in shred. Andy Timmons is another guy who has it all!

Favorite Guitars

I, like most guitarists, am never happy with their sounds, or in my case guitars! I just bought an 8 string which I intend to put to good use in my instrumental music. Apart from that I'm looking around at the moment at guitars that fit my needs, which are varying depending on the project I am working on at the time, I'm open to suggestions!

The guitars that feature on Reflections Of Themes are mainly Musicman guitars, I used John Petrucci 6 and 7 string models, a Silhouette Special, a baritone tuned A-A, an Ibanez Blazer from '81 tuned to Nashville tuning, a Washburn electro acoustic and a Line 6 Variax nylon string.

My guitars are set up with Ernie Ball 10 Gauge strings. I have a medium to high action as I find myself slipping on strings on low actions. At the moment I'm amp-less! I currently play through a Line 6 Pod XT Live. I use that for all my guitar sounds and effects. I like to be able to control things with my feet.

Musical Influences

My musical influences started really with Def Leppard. My sister used to play their cassettes and I loved the massive sound they had, I then got into Motley Crue and Ozzy, Randy Rhoads quickly became my guitar hero. This was before I played guitar. When I started, Satriani and Vai were the main influences. My musical taste has expanded greatly and I listen to all sorts of music. My favorite artist is Beverley Knight, she is a soul singer who gives me goose pimples listening to her! Working with her would be my dream gig. That or marrying her! (laughter)

The most influential albums on my playing would have to be the first two Ozzy albums with Randy Rhoads, Surfing with the Alien, Passion and Warfare, Hysteria and Pyromania. I don't think anyone can top those albums. They are all masterfully crafted.

Upcoming Plans

I am currently working on a number of projects, one being another instrumental album, a relaxation music album, an acoustic instrumental album, a band album and writing songs for a singer. I think that's all that I'm working on! My hard drives are straining under the weight but I hope to have some music out later this year, if not a good percentage of what I am working on.

Web Site

Find me at www.davidstockden.com
David Stockden on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com
I can be emailed directly at mail@davidstockden.com


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