Illumination Of The Heart
(New Earth Records)


Back in the early 1970s, the sound of legendary cosmic music maker Deuter (pronounced Dóy-Ter) became popular in the then burgeoning progressive electronic and healing music genres. By 1985, New Age music, as it by then became known, was really taking off. One of the original New Age artists from the 1970s, Deuter has remained true to his art and he has recorded more than 60 albums. Since the late 1980s, Deuter has released 17 solo albums with the world renowned New Earth Records label. In 2015, Deuter returned with yet another New Age CD classic on New Earth called Illumination Of The Heart. Capturing his performance on a number of instruments, including flute, keyboards, cello, piano and guitar, Illumination Of The Heart is an excellent way to turn down the noise of life and chill out with some sublime instrumental music. On Illumination Of The Heart, the Santa Fe, New Mexico based Deuter does what he does best – which is to bring the spirit of music listeners to a higher spiritual level and a meditative state. Speaking about message behind Illumination Of The Heart Deuter explains, ‘I think I have basically two elements in my music. One is the constant dance on the edge of silence – moving into the silence and moving out of the silence. Now, every tone and sound does that because every sound starts and ends, and there’s always silence. When you hear the sound, especially the right sound, you experience for a moment the silence, which is always there inside us as well as outside, and which is the big nothing that everything comes out of. In music, I love to create a path out of the silence, a path to express the joy of being alive, and also a path back into the silence and the experience of the silence. The other element in my music comes from the fact that at the moment everything is going faster and faster. I think it is really, really important that we create a balance to this. We need to find a way for every person, somewhere and somehow, to have the time to experience their inner selves, to be able to relax, to feel, to question what you are doing, and to feel grateful to be alive. I try to make music that helps bring the listener to that place’. In the action-packed world of 2015, Deuter makes slowing down sound easier than it might be, at least for some, but overall, Deuter's new album is truly a sublime way to chill out and get back in touch with your life. A true blessing for his fans, Illumination Of The Heart is among the finest sounding Deuter albums yet.


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