Strange Days
(Rhino / Elektra)


The long sought after mono mix of Strange Days—which was the second album of 1967 by The Doors was released as a two CD set featuring the mono mix and stereo mix on two separate CDs. Rhino celebrated the 50th anniversary the first Doors album in mono earlier in 2017 but looking back 50 years already, it’s hard to believe that the Doors had two albums out during 1967. Much of the classic Doors sound captured in the studio was thanks to visionary music producer Paul A. Rothschild and original album engineer Bruce Botnick—the latter responsible for this 2017 50th anniversary mono set of Strange Days. Music fans will first want to hear the hard-hitting, louder than loud mono mix but there’s also a second CD here which features Strange Days in a stereo mix and to top it off, the packaging is first rate with a CD booklet filled with insightful album notes and rare pics from the sessions. Looking back, fifty years ago, with so much incredible music filling the AM airwaves,, it was really hard to single out the Doors sound in early 1968. With the Vietnam war raging, young kids dying in incredibly large numbers, and psychedelia in full bloom, The Doors were competing with incredible L.A. bands like Strawberry Alarm Clock, Love and Buffalo Springfield. Although not as commercially created as Waiting For The Sun or Morrison Hotel, there was something uncanny and downright scary about Strange Days. The big radio hit—which added to the album’s strange theme—“People Are Strange” was being played on nationwide FM radio at the time, at the same time solidifying the Doors’ sound as being among the most unique of the first rock era. With Elektra being the home base of The Doors and Love, the die was cast and here we are fifty years later in awe of Bruce Botnick’s studio wizardry. In fact, Strange Days and Love’s Forever Changes, released around on Elektra at the same time, still remain two of the most influential American rock albums of that late 1960s time. With the late ’67 release of their second album, The Doors evolved as an architect of the first American rock genre. The power of The Doors in mono comes alive on this 50th anniversary 2 CD edition of Strange Days.


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