Pictures At An Exhibition
(Eagle Vision)


Arising out of the ashes of The Nice and King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer quickly established themselves as the leaders of the progressive rock movement of 1970. The band’s first self-titled album was a huge commercial success and redefined the way post-Beatles rock fans listened to music. As groups like YES and Genesis struggled to find a place as major contenders, which of course they would by late 1971, the first ELP album just bowled everyone over immediately and their roller coaster ride to the top was nonstop throughout much of the ‘70s. In between the first ELP album and the Summer 1971 release of Tarkus, ELP filmed and recorded a live concert that was quite daring for its time. Filmed live at the Lyceum in London in December 1970, Pictures At An Exhibition featured the trio of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer performing a souped up, rock / jazz version of the Mussorgsky classical masterpiece while putting a unique spin on the quickly evolving classic prog-rock genre. Of course, Emerson had done this kind of thing before with his group The Nice, but ELP recording and releasing Pictures was a huge artistic success that not only blew away the prog-rock crowd, but overall further established ELP as worldwide musical trendsetters. The Lp version of Pictures, featuring a different performance from the video, and engineered by audio genius Eddie Offord, was released on Island in late ‘71. Unbeknownst to most ELP music fans at the time, the live Lyceum show was filmed and a movie of that show actually came out in the cinemas in 1973. Of course, most American fans didn’t get to see it until years later when it surfaced as a DVD. Eagle Rock sets the record straight on that December 1970 show with a fantastic 2010 DVD reissue of the ELP movie Pictures At An Exhibition. This 40th anniversary look back at Pictures, recaptures the video of the December 9th, 1970 show in its most complete form, presenting the entire Pictures composition with live versions of classics from the first ELP album along with Emerson’s “Rondo” from the Nice era. Amazing graphics and special effects enhance this fascinating trip down memory lane, while also adding in footage of a previously unreleased 1971 live performance from the Belgian TV program “Pop Shop” in addition to the original theatrical trailer for the Pictures movie. Eagle’s 144 minute DVD of Pictures At An Exhibition follows their earlier ELP DVD releases of Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Birth Of A Band: Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 and Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Live At Montreux 1977. www.EagleRockEnt.com


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