In The County Of Kings
(Widow's Peak)


In the spirit of Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and John Fogerty before him, Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Eric Stuart delivers his songs as messages with lyrics up front and shelters them with memorable pop hooks. As good as Stuart’s earlier albums were, his 2007 CD release, In The County Of Kings is his best yet. Stuart’s song lyrics and arrangements ramble round your head and gets your foot tapping. When questioned about the CD title, Stuart claims, ‘You are right about the title, Brooklyn is Kings County. Since this is my country-crossover album and I am born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. I thought I would come up with a county sounding title that cleverly stated where I was from. I don't sing about 'my truck' or 'my farm' but the American / country sensibilities are not unique to the south. Songs with stories and relationships that every listener can relate to are what I strive to write. I try to be honest with my music. This title allowed me to be true to who I am while playing music you wouldn't expect from a Brooklyn boy. When asked what kind of music is on this album I have come up with a genre of my own, I say it's “Concrete Country.” That was almost the title.’ Produced by Stuart and long time accomplice / guitarist Questar Welsh, the fifteen track In The County Of Kings features lots of great players including top guitarist Phil Nix. Stuart was championed by Ringo Starr and Peter Frampton back in the mid ‘90s and since then he’s had a winning streak of acclaimed records that can’t be beat. Regarding making such an authentic roots-rock album in Kings County, Stuart further adds, ‘The album was recorded in 2006 in New York. The tracking was at Avatar Studios. The overdubs at Real recording and then we went back to Avatar to mix. When I presented this project to some Nashville industry they al couldn't believe I had made such a 'Nashville sounding' album in New York. They were very impressed with the production.’ Long time Stuart believers will dig the jaw-dropping asphalt country-rock in play on In The County Of Kings.


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