The Flying Burrito Brothers
/ Last Of The Red Hot Burritos


Australia-based Raven Records is simply one of the great reissue CD labels in the world. High on the list of 2008 remasters from the Aussie music giant is a two on one CD from country rock superstars The Flying Burrito Brothers. The 23 track CD features the entire album releases of the self titled Flying Burrito Brothers with Last Of The Red Hot Burritos, along with two bonus tracks featuring the late, great Gene Clark. Although the FBB were formed by Byrds founder Chris Hillman and the late Gram Parsons, by 1970, Parsons was out, leaving Hillman and company to carry on with these two albums here. Interestingly, the 1971 release of The Flying Burrito Brothers features great performances by Hillman, Byrds drummer Michael Clarke, future Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon and pedal steel guitar great Sneaky Pete Kleinow. Also from that era are two tracks the band recorded with Byrds singing legend Gene Clark, making this the closest thing to a Byrds reunion. The smooth country rock compositions of Burritos newcomer and future Firefall founder Rick Roberts—who co-wrote much of the music here—helped give the ten track Flying Burrito Brothers much of it’s timeless pop edge. Minus Leadon and Sneaky Pete, Hillman and company laid down the live tracks for the live release of Last Of The Red Hot Burritos, released in early ‘72. Featuring live versions of the Burrito’s most popular songs, the album was produced by Jim Dickson with engineering handled by Eddie Kramer, of Electric Lady Studio.


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