There’s A Whole New World Out There
(Aquarian Nation)


Francis Dunnery is a man of many talents. Just eight months ago in early 2009, Dunnery unveiled his production on the Syn CD Big Sky. Although the 2009 American Syn tour tragically ended before it got properly underway, that core band that framed Syn founder Steve Nardelli’s songs and vocals and Dunnery's tasteful production, backing vocals and excellent guitar and mellotron on Big Sky takes center stage on the 2009 double Dunnery CD set entitled There’s A Whole New World Out There. Released on Dunnery’s Aquarian Nation imprint, the CD features Dunnery’s music, vocals and guitar in full flight. Francis can just entertain, and often does, with just his acoustic guitar and voice but when he picks up his electric and gets in a rock mood with these fine players, whom he’s dubbed The New Progressives, things really start moving. In the spirit of Dunnery’s Big Sky studio production, There’s A Whole New World Out There also features Tom Brislin (keyboards), Jamie Bishop (bass), Paul Ramsey (drums), Brett Kull (guitars) and Dorie Jackson (vocals). An assortment of additional players also appear on various tracks. Several tracks, like “Sister Sarah” and “Let Us All Go” (from disc two) bring out the rock side of the CD set and offers a good chance to hear just how good both Dunnery and Kull both are when they cut loose on electric guitar. Other cuts like “Animal Life And Water Life” on disc one, featuring Dorie’s sultry backing vocals, are folksy and meditative. With twenty tracks to choose from over the two CDs, there’s a wealth of pop and rock for the long time fans to enjoy and for new beginners to begin to fathom Dunnery’s deep musical insight. There’s A Whole New World Out There establishes Francis Dunnery and the New Progressives as a modern musical force that picks up from where the hopeful prog pop vibe of Big Sky left off.


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