Extraction / Footprint
(Beat Goes On)


With their incredible catalog of past masters, England’s Beat Goes On reigns among the best CD rock reissue labels on the planet. One cool disc deserving attention is BGO’s 2006 2 albums on 1 CD reissue of the Gary Wright classics Extraction paired with Footprint. Of course, Wright was the key ingredient, playing keyboards and composing in the classic U.K. rock group Spooky Tooth. After the band’s all time classic 1969’s Spooky Two, and their critically aclaimed yet commercially failing album Ceremony, Wright ended up leaving the band. Wright’s star-studded solo career really took off in 1971 with his first solo album Extraction. Catchy pop tracks, played with solid rock backing, Extraction featured stellar contributions from none other than George Harrison, Alan White, Hugh McCracken, King Curtis, Mick Abrahams and many more. The follow up to Extraction, the equally impressive Footprint continues in the super star mode with George and White, King Curtis, McCracken and Klaus Voorman too. Excellent liner notes retell the tale of these timeless album classics. /


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