With The Gosdin Brothers


The original tambourine man in the classic '60s Byrds lineup, Gene Clark was also the first Byrd to release a solo album as he did with his 1966 recording of Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers. Well worth checking out by long time Byrds fans, the long sought after album was finally reissued on CD in 2007 by Sundazed. Produced by L.A. legends including Larry Marks and Gary Usher, Clark’s first album was delayed and came out in January ‘67. That makes this something that might have easily been overlooked by Byrds fans in 1967, as much of the impetus that Clark had after he left The Byrds in January 1966 had cooled somewhat by then. Clark was always the Byrd that time forgot and with key contributions from Leon Russell, Glen Campbell, Jerry Cole, Clarence White, the vocal harmonies of the Gosdin’s and the original Byrds rhythm section of Michael Clark and Chris Hillman, Gene Clark’s first post-Byrds solo work is filled with a kindred blend of the timeless folk-rock he brought to The Byrds. One can only ponder how some of these songs would have fit into Younger Than Yesterday or Notorious Byrd Brothers.


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