Get The Led Out!
(Bohemian Productions)


Guitarist Brian Tarquin is doing a great job as the head of New York based BHP Music. BHP’s Guitar Masters series promises to continue featuring sampler albums with both established and new, cutting edge instrumental guitar sounds. In 2007, Tarquin and BHP released Get The Led Out!—a sonically astute 16 track rock instrumental tribute album to early ‘70s hard rock pioneers Led Zeppelin and the results make for an ear-opening experience. Purists who say the only way to hear Zeppelin is to play the original albums, should hear Get The Led Out! Sure there’s some legends on hand—notably rock icon Leslie West—but there’s also a range of Led Zeppelin covers from gifted lesser known artists from far and wide. Following a dozen instrumental Zeppelin covers, Get The Led Out! closes out the CD with four bonus tracks from 1968 and 1970 featuring Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham from the fabled Lord Sutch album. The sound quality of the new instrumentals and the vintage tracks is superb. A safe bet for guitar fans and Zeppelin fans, Get The Led Out! offers both tributes and modern revelations.

ABOUT Get The Led Out!

What was the concept behind and the events that inspired your producing the Get The Led Out CD?

Brian: I had come up with the idea of doing a instrumental Led Zeppelin CD before the reunion tour. Thou I must admit, when I heard of the reunion I thought, perfect timing. To me Jimmy Page is the backbone of Led Zeppelin and their songs are truly instrumental in and of itself. The way Robert Plant sings is very bluesy and lends itself very well for instrumental guitar.

How did you obtain the rights to the historic bonus tracks with Lord Sutch?

Brian: I have a good working relationship with Brian Perera, president of Cleopatra Records and was able to obtain the Jimmy Page tracks directly from him.

Which tracks standout among your favorites on the CD?

Chris: Clearly, Chris Mahoney - "Whole Lotta Love," - Howard Hart "Four Sticks" and the one we did in the studio, "Dazed and Confused." It was an honor to represent a Zeppelin track in an instrumental format.

Brian: My favorite track is Steve Bingham's violin version of "The Battle of Evermore." A wonderful arrangement with pizzicato violins of rhythm excitement. It was also, very interesting to work with Randy Coven and Leslie West on "Moby Dick" and see their interpretation of the classic. Most enjoyable was recording George Hooks' drum solo take on the John Bonham iconic solo.

What do you think long time fans and newcomers alike will experience after hearing the CD?

Chris: First, how great the compositions are and how well they stand up to new interpretations.

Brian: I think new listeners will enjoy the modern production of the songs and old listeners will dig their classics done instrumentally with the respect they deserve without the fromage, that so many tribute albums of today have.


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