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Although he sadly died just as Pluto entered the hard working, dues paying, super reality based astrological sign of Capricorn on November 27, 2008, Pekka Pohjola was a musical genius and he’s badly missed one year later. Amazingly, now in early December 2009, just about a year after I heard that Pekka had died, I opened up a new CD, entitled Clockwork from Australian guitarist Glenn Cannon. So it goes like clockwork—you’re born, you die and in between life is all about clockwork! So I put on Glenn’s CD and lo and behold, with a dose of Holdsworth-ian style fretboard pyrotechnics, Clockwork is just the kind of album Pekka would have admired and in fact it’s a little in the vein of Pekka’s final work—playing with guitarist Tuppu Orrennma on Tuppu's 2008 Make My Day CD. Backed up by a host of great players, including drummer Danny Farrugia, a full band and a bunch of string players that rarely get in the way, Cannon’s Clockwork is a veritable instrumental jazz-rock classic for the new millennium. There’s enough daredevil fretboard moves to make it of interest to jazz-rock fusion buffs but the whole CD is so well recorded that it could clearly cross over to rock fans with an open ear to instrumental rock and to those CD buffs interested in bringing the sound of jazz fusion into their collection.

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Musical Background

I have been playing guitar a little over twenty years now. Like most kids I started out in my early teens playing rock ‘n’ roll tunes and I particularly liked Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen. Then I heard Eric Johnson which really changed my feelings about music as his stuff was mostly instrumental. I heard Allan Holdsworth while finishing school which led me to studying harmony and how chords work. A teacher then put me on to some jazz music which I didn’t like initially but I ended up completing my Bachelor Degree in Jazz Improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts here in Melbourne.

New CD

My new CD is entitled Clockwork. It features some of Australia’s finest musicians including Danny Farrugia on drums, Gavin Pearce on bass, Luke Howard on keyboards and Tim Wilson on Saxophone. The album was recorded intermittently over a four year period. I would book a studio for a day, rehearse two songs with the band a week before then record it the following week. I always like to record the band live in the studio except for the tunes which have programmed drums. As the guys in the band are always so busy, it was often months in between sessions (sometimes years!) so the whole process took longer than it should. The album is quite diverse as there is a classical string quartet piece, electronic based tunes, Latin influenced music and classic fusion-styled tunes. It really reflects the music I have listened to over the years.

I find that I’m thinking of myself less as a ‘guitarist’ these days and more as a ‘musician’ as I probably spend more of my time composing music than practicing guitar.

Favorite Guitars

I have three main electric guitars: 1980 Gibson ES-335, 1995 Musicman ‘Luke’ (I used this exclusively on this album) and 1998 American Standard Fender Strat. My steel string acoustic is a Taylor 422 and I borrowed a friend’s Taylor nylon string for the recording. I have been running the same amp setup for twelve years: Mesa Boogie Simul 2:90 power amp, Mesa Triaxis pre-amp, TC Electronics G-Force effects and two 1x12 boogie boxes. I did just buy a Ceriatone amp from Malaysia and it sounds dynamite with my Strat!

I use 10-46 gauge strings on my Musicman guitar, 11-49 on the Strat and Gibson, and 11-52 on the acoustic.

Musical Influences

My favorite guitarists are mostly jazz and fusion guys like Allan Holdsworth, Wayne Krantz, James Muller, Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, John Scofield, Adam Rogers and Tim Miller. However I find that the compositions of these great musicians are equally as beautiful. I also like many non-guitarists like Chick Corea, John Patitucci, Sean Wayland, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Squarepusher and Chris Potter. I do listen to a lot of other music, too much to list here but I like European Classical, American Country, Flamenco, Cuban and Brazilian music.
My favorite albums are...

1) The Sixteen Men Of Tain (Allan Holdsworth)
2) Secrets (Allan Holdsworth)
3) Wardenclyffe Tower (Allan Holdsworth)
4) Letter From Home (Pat Metheny)
5) Long To Be Loose (Wayne Krantz)
6) Anything with Wayne Krantz on it
7) Inside Out (Chick Corea Electric Band)
8) Dr Hee (Scott Henderson)
9) Changing With The Times (Sonic Fiction)
10) Antiguo (Gonzalo Rubalcaba)

Upcoming Plans

I will be doing a launch gig in March or April for the Clockwork album. I will also be recording a new album with another group I have called Logic. It will be our fourth album and we hope to embark on our third tour of Asia in October.

I will also be finishing my Masters Degree in Music Performance in 2010 so I am writing some music for my final recital which will end up being recorded for the next ‘Glenn Cannon' album. It is for acoustic rhythm section and string quartet.

Web Site

My web site is It has relevant news of gigs and recordings and has a page full of video from a ‘Logic’ gig in Hong Kong from our Asian tour in 2009. Contact is or through the web site. Clockwork is also available at: CD Baby and Guitar9


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