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Having already released a couple of compilations in their Guitar Meditations series, the Soulfood Music label released Guitar Meditations Vol. 3 in 2010 by the group Soulfood Music, featuring the music of composer and guitar ace Ron Alan Cohen. Thankfully, New Age music still exists in 2010, and it’s alive and well in the grooves of Guitar Meditations Vol. 3. The premise of this fascinating music series is to present the soft and meditative instrumental guitar music of Ron Cohen and company, backed up by flutes, woodwinds and a variety of soothing soundscapes, making the music perfect for yoga, massage, meditations and more. Still on board here are Soulfood guitarists Ron Alan Cohen, Robert McEntee and Ricky Fitzpatrick along with classically trained flute player Richard Hardy, synthesist DJ Free and others. Superb as both background music or as active listening, the guitar-based ambient / electronica soundscapes make Soulfood’s Guitar Meditations series well worth spinning again and again. Guitar Meditations Vol. 3 follows the Soulfood Music label's release of the first Guitar Meditations CD and the CD release of Cafe Santa Fé. A label devoted to beautiful and inspirational instrumental music, Soulfood also has a number of 2010 CD releases including the DJ Free and Jezus Juice release of Zen Lounge, with its hypnotic east meets west vibe and also Yoga Groove 2, where yoga meets chill, highlighting global grooves and rhythmic percussion. But for guitar lovers, give a listen to Ron Alan Cohen and company on the brilliant, hypnotic acoustic sound of Guitar Meditations Vol. 3

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Musical Background

I started off as a classical clarinetist but switched to electric guitar at the age of 13. I was so intrigued by the sounds that the electric guitar could make with pedals and amps that I just had to learn how that was possible. I was hooked! Growing up in LA I was exposed to the great session players such as Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and Steve Lukather. I honed my craft and learned to play many styles well. I had the privilege of studying jazz guitar with the late Ted Greene. He was a master in chord voicing.

New CD

My new CD is entitled Guitar Meditations 3 released by Soulfood Music. It was recorded between March and May 2010 at my studio in Mill Valley, CA and at Soulfood’s studio in Santa Fe, NM. I played all of the guitar parts and worked on the keyboards along with Soulfood’s DJ Free. For this CD I mainly used layers of acoustic guitars to create a rich full sound. I love combining layers of different tunings, voicing and capo positions so that all the individual parts speak clearly and don’t interfere with each other sonically. I also like creating guitar loops for a hypnotic effect. While I often produce bigger tracks it was really refreshing to mainly use the guitar for this CD. I record into Protools HD using AKG 414 and Neuman KM 184 mics and API and Neve mic pres. I like changing up the mics for different parts and sometimes use direct recording with the Fishman system on the Taylor.

Favorite Guitars

My main acoustic guitar is a Taylor 614e. I love the evenness of that guitar and how it records so clearly. It’s simply my go-to guitar for so many projects. It’s amazing that the guitar was shipped to me sight unseen by Taylor over 10 years ago. I’ve played it on countless compositions that I’ve created for TV shows not to mention live performances. It’s become my signature sound. I also have a Gibson J-45 from the 60’s and a Martin 00-18 from the 50’s. I use those guitars for specific colors or parts that need a different sound. I use Martin SP strings – light gauge.

As far as Electric Guitars I favor my ’72 Tele and ’62 Strat reissue. I also have a ’69 Gibson 335 and a ’75 Les Paul Custom. I have a lot of vintage amps (2 Fender Deluxes, Fender Concert and Gibson Falcon) but admit that I am a fan of modeling in Protools with Amp Farm and Chrome Tone.

Musical Influences

I am most influenced and inspired by great melodies. It doesn’t matter what style of music it comes from. As far as guitarist, there are way too many to mention but my favorite growing up was Brian May from Queen. I loved the layers of guitars he played and his amazing tone. Another main influence was the Allman Brother’s guitarists Dickey Betts and Duane Allman. Their album Live At Fillmore East is an encyclopedia of blues guitar licks that I studied for years. Larry Carlton was yet another influence. In my early 20’s I used to see him play at the Baked Potato in LA on Sunday nights. I would absorb every riff and watched him work his pedal board. He is a true master. I must also mention George Harrison and Jeff Beck as my guitar heroes.

Upcoming Plans

My new CD, Guitar Meditations 3, is now available through Soulfood Music. I did six of the twelve tracks. I worked on the previous Guitar Meditations 2 as well with Billy McLaughlin. I also did Café Santa Fe with Soulfood which features my Spanish/nylon guitar playing.

I spend most of my time composing and producing music in the studio. I have worked on music for many TV shows over the years. I also produce indie artists – mainly singer/songwriters that I develop.

I am currently working on a EP called Transit Method which will be released the beginning of 2011.

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