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Playing on some of the greatest songs ever made by British rock innovators The Yardbirds, now over 40 years ago, guitar icon Jeff Beck is still alive and well and rocking on. The Guv’nor is well represented on a 2008 live CD on Eagle entitled Jeff Beck: Performing This Week Live At Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Recorded in 2007, Performing This Week features Beck backed up by Tal Wilkenfeld (bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) and Jason Rebello (keys). Blasting on stage with “Beck’s Bolero,” a well remembered nugget from Beck his 1968 solo album, Performing This Week offers a present day display of Beck’s incomparable blend of rock, jazz, blues and more. Eagle promises a DVD of the 16 cut instrumental CD later in 2009.

Since the Yardbirds’ days, Jeff Beck has had an enormous impact on countless guitarists, several of whom appear on a couple of excellent Jeff Beck instrumental guitar tributes released in 2008. Freeway Jam - To Beck And Back was released by Shrapnel Records in early 2008 and features world class guitarists like Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Mike Stern and John Scofield backed up by Beck’s own drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and drummer Simon Phillips too.


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