In The Stars


Singer-songwriter Jeff Stephens grew up listening to the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. The 6 track 2009 CD ep from Stephens, In The Stars is a good introduction to his sound. Produced in the studio by ace sound man, guitarist / producer Russ DeSalvo, Stephens gets to flesh his music out with a first rate studio sound. Commenting on going solo after years of playing in his band, Stephens adds, ‘Now that I’m solo, I've really looked inward as to what I have to say. The lyrics are woven in a way that on paper they could be poetry, but as a song they soar to a different place.’ There’s plenty of competition these days for singer-songwriters, yet with the help of DeSalvo’s masterful guitaristic approach to pop music and some talented backing players, on In The Stars Stephens carves out a sound that will set him in good standing among savvy pop fans.


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