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Guitarist Jim Weider grew up in Woodstock, N.Y. As a kid growing up back in the 1960’s around Woodstock greats such as The Band and Bob Dylan, Weider eventually got to play with both, taking up the guitar slot in The Band after Robbie Robertson left in the early ‘80s. Referred to as a guitarist's guitarist, Weider has an impeccable reputation as a guitarist and in addition to working with The Band, Dylan, Keith Richards, Scotty Moore, he has also had the chance to record a number of fine solo albums under his own name. Maybe Weider’s finest instrumental rock guitar album yet, Pulse serves up 11 classic Weider guitar jams in the spirit of the classic Allman Brothers guitar sound, which often veers into the diverse musical galaxies of greats like Steve Morse and even Steve Howe. Backed up by a solid band that Weider calls PRoJECT PERCoLAToR (correct spelling!), Weider’s first love is guitar rock and on Pulse he combines his instro groove rock and blues sound with splashes of funk and jazz. The CD is expertly recorded and the CD packaging is top notch. Fans of Robbie Robertson's guitar sound as well as greats like Roy Buchanon and even Steve Cropper will find much instrumental guitar magic here to enjoy. www.JimWeider.com


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Musical Background

I’ve been playing guitar about 45 years or more. I grew up in Woodstock N.Y., and was inspired by the great musicians that were playing in town at the local bars when they weren’t on the road, like Dave Sanborn, Paul Butterfield, Buzzy Feiten, The BAND, John Hall, Warren Bernhard, Tony Levin, Van Morrison and the Sound Out festivals which were pre Woodstock fests that would happen on the weekends in the early 60’s! Just great players that would come though town including Jimi Hendrix and of course Bob Dylan. For a small little town I didn’t have to go far to get influenced! This helped shape my playing style, writing tone and approach.

New CD

My new CD is called PULSE which is a multi media CD. It has two videos on it: the making of it in the studio and a song off the record shot at Bearsville Theater. Pulse was recorded in the winter of 2008 at the famed Allaire Studio’s in Shokan, N.Y., one of the last sessions recorded there before it closed! It features the PRoJECT PERCoLAToR Band. Me on guitar, Mitch Stein (guitar), Rodney Holmes (drums) and Steve Lucas (bass). We recorded the CD live in the studio in 3 days. There’s only two songs with guitar overdubs. Mitch and I put our pedals on the floor and used our amps and played the songs down live no more then 3 takes and we picked the best ones. I‘ve always wanted to make a CD like this. It really shows how we sound as a group live! We also have a few special guests, the great Sam Butler (the Blind Boys) on lead/ background vocals, Danny Louis (Gov’t Mule) keyboards and Chris “Hambone” Cameron (Sonia Dada) organ/clavinet.

Favorite Guitars

My main guitar that I’ve played for 38 years or so is my 1952 Fender Telecaster. That’s what I used on the Pulse CD. The slide guitar is a Ry Cooder style Tele I had built in Texas with a Supro lap steel pickup and a Tescio in rhythm on it. I used that on “Man Cry.” Mitch used my Gibson Sonoma on the “Two Worlds” song as an over dub. I also used a Dano Electro sitar on that song. The amp I used is my signature amp, a JW 40 designed by Ben Fargen amps and me through a old basket weave Marshall cab. Mitch Stein used his Two Rock Custom reverb amp and his custom Japanese Strat style guitar. I use Ernie ball strings 10 through 48 and, the pedals I used in the studio are my live rig pedal board which is the King of Tone overdrive, Big Foot (distortion pedal proto type), T Rex Replica delay and an old Vox wah wah.

Musical Influences

I have many musical influences, from harp player Paul Butterfield’s attack to Buzzy Feiten’s phrasing, to Dave Sanborn’s soloing style to Scotty Moore, to Albert King and a host of others like jazz guitarist Ken Burrell to pedal steel players on to Earl Hooker’s slide playing . When I was young I tried to learn and absorb as much and different styles as I could. Some records that were amazing were The Ventures, Big Pink – The Band, Axis Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin... There’s too many to list, Jeff beck is making great CD’s now. His tone is other worldly!

Upcoming Plans

We are touring the PULSE CD this fall and into next year, We are planning to go back to tour it in Europe in the spring of 2010 and I’m also out touring with Levon Helm Band, so I’ve been very busy.

Web Site

My website: www.jimweider.com
contact: jwb@jimweider.com


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