One Stolen Night
(J2 Records)


One of the most in demand session and performing guitarists over the past 25 years—as well as one who gained acclaim working with pop giants like Elton John, Dylan, Roger McGuinn and Bonnie Raitt, as well as earning widespread acclaim with his early ‘90s band, The Hellecasters—John Jorgenson released two new studio albums in early 2010. The first of these CD releases, One Stolen Night is the follow-up to Ultraspontane—the first release credited to the John Jorgenson Quintet. Fans of Ultraspontane will dig One Stolen Night as it too focuses on John’s love of the Gypsy Jazz guitar sound while also spotlighting all manners of rock, classical, World Beat and even bluegrass influences. Jorgenson’s guitar work simply shines in this magical setting that also allows him band leading chores while also writing a good chunk of the music here. With Jorgenson handling guitars, bouzouki, clarinet and soprano sax, the CD also features contributions from Jason Anick (violin), Simon Planting (bass), Rick Reed (percussion), Kevin Nolan (rhythm guitar) and several other supporting players. Produced and mixed by Jorgensonwho also engineered along with Rory RositasOne Stolen Night contains mostly Jorgenson originals that sound like they could have been written back in the late 1940’s! Rhythm guitarist Kevin Nolan contributes a track and among the covers are Edvard Grieg’s “Norwegian Dance” and a Django Reinhardt track called “Hungaria.” Jorgenson’s Gypsy Jazz sound continues onward as being among the most authentic and convincing of all the modern Gypsy Jazz guitarists on the music scene today. Long time fans of the Jorgenson guitar legacy, as well as Django buffs will simply flip for this five-star collection of modern Gypsy Jazz on CD. But why stop there? Also out in early 2010 from John Jorgenson is the CD release of Istiqbal Gathering from John Jorgenson And Orchestra Nashville. A studio collaboration between Jorgenson and Paul Gambill—conductor of Orchestra NashvilleIsiqbal Gathering was recorded live at Ocean Way Nashville and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. In addition to Jorgenson's guitar paired with the Orchestra Nashville, the 6 part, 50+ minute CD also features The Turtle Island Quartet. Jorgenson’s dad, James Jorgenson was actually the inspiration for this ingenious mix of swirling orchestral strings and Gypsy Jazz guitar. A superbly recorded retro sounding, symphonic Gypsy Jazz experience featuring John’s impeccable guitar styles, Isiqbal Gathering is a great companion release to the One Stolen Night CD. Clearly, both CD’s stand tall as a testament to Jorgenson’s one of a kind guitar talent and technique, while also serving as a tasteful tribute to the amazing guitar legacy of Django Reinhardt, who it’s noted celebrates his 100th birthday on January 23, 2010.


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