Come Together
(Eagle Rock Entertainment)


Your mother should know, but in the 28 long, painful years since the assassination of John Lennon in New York City, the name George Bush has figured prominently in the executive branch of government in the United States of America for twenty of those years. The arrival of the Bush One era, was immediately followed by the well-timed ruination of Beatles antiwar hero John Lennon, who was the defacto leader of the pro peace pop culture. I’m sure Bush and his right wing ilk, as they strode unscathed into the White House in January 1981, breathed a sigh of relief knowing Lennon was forever gone. In 2001, twenty years after the first George Bush, a second George Bush emerged and that same year the next heinous tragedy befell New York City. Just three weeks after the terror attack of September 11th 2001, Sean Lennon, Kevin Spacey and a host of musicians—including incomparable guitar icon and bandleader Dave Stewart—united live at Radio City in New York for Come Together: A Night For John Lennon’s Words & Music. Although a year in the making, the unfortunate timing of the show with September 11th turned the event into a profound and sometimes emotionally agonizing experience, especially for those of us that live in New York City. That night of tragedy and triumph amazingly was presented live on television and in 2008 Eagle Rock captures the event forever on DVD. Among the many fine highlights include a gorgeous Shelby Lynne with her stunning take on the Plastic Ono Band nugget “Mother” and a tasty duet of “Instant Karma” from ringmaster Dave Stewart and the equally gorgeous Nelly Furtado. Great segments with Lou Reed, Dave Matthews and Billy Preston make Come Together a truly unforgettable night in New York City history.


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