A Darker Sunset
(The Big Chill)


Back in the late ‘70s and ‘80s artists such as Brian Eno and acts such as Art Of Noise were changing the musical landscape. Terms like ambient and electronica became widespread as composers stepped forward and provided a new form of musical expression. In the spirit of post modern composers such as Phillip Glass, U.K. composer John Metcalfe is making waves with his 2008 CD A Darker Sunset. A work of rare musical beauty and intelligence, A Darker Sunset combines neoclassical, electronics and rock music and comes up with something completely fresh and unexpected. With Metcalfe handling viola / violin and piano, backed by a full band—including Andy Gangadeen (drums) and Simon Richmond (providing sonic science)—A Darker Sunset is mostly instrumental with several tracks featuring guest vocalists. In addition, Nitin Sawhney provides some of his patented remix touches. The combination of classical influences with symphonic rock and electronica is a bit startling but once you start playing Metcalfe’s music, it’s clear that A Darker Sunset will be an album you’ll want to keep playing.


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