Frankie Ray
(Pretty And Black)


Folk-rock beat poet Jonathan Wilson combines a number wild influences on his 2007 CD Frankie Ray. A masterful CD recording enhanced by some neat studio wizardry, Frankie Ray features Wilson handling much of the instrumentation, including all manners of electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and even mellotrons. His influences include a distillation of Gram Parsons, Tim Finn, late period Donovan, Alex Chilton and Nick Drake combined into one neat progressive, baroque, folk-jazz sound. Much like the excellent CD artwork and packaging, Wilson’s music is dense and raveled and the listener is rewarded with fresh spins, preferably late at night. The CD packaging is truly exemplary and should win some kind of award. Clearly, Wilson has made a completely assiduous souding record here, so get onto it and pick this one up.


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