The Secret Value Of Daydreaming
(Noble Rot)


I can’t believe its been ten years since I interviewed Julian Lennon upon the release of what has too long proved to be his last studio album, 1999’s Photograph Smile. Julian’s best album, that ‘99 release left behind some unfinished musical business, although then again Jules was never one to extol the virtues of a business that has neglected too many genius musicians. Of course, being the son of Beatles founder John Lennon came with its share of trappings yet with his 1984 solo debut Valotte, Julian quickly established himself as a musical trendsetter on his own. Valotte aside for this review, in 2009 the Itasca, IL. based Noble Rot reissued Julian’s other three solo albums including The Secret Value Of Daydreaming (1986), Mr. Jordan (1989) and Help Yourself (1991), all originally released on Atlantic Records. It’s been a while since these albums were first released so these first ever remasters, released Summer 2009, make a nice catch for long time fans as well as those who weren’t even born when Valotte hit the airwaves. For collector’s, there’s no bonus tracks and not too much track data on these attractive digi-pak layouts, yet each release sounds excellent and each features new, though brief, liner notes about each album by musicologist Gene Sculatti. www.CCmusic.com


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