After a hard night of rock and jazz, there’s nothing finer then chilling with a sublime album of solo classical guitar music. The 2008 CD from Boston area guitarist Kevin Hubbard is just the ticket to relax those weary ears. Hubbard has released a couple acclaimed jazzy albums in the past and lately, he seems right at home with his ‘Classical guitar with a taste of jazz’ concept. On Catnip, Hubbard includes several originals on an album mostly featuring newly recorded version of guitar masters like Carulli, Sor, Tarrega, Brazilian bossa master A.C. Jobim and more. Commenting on the CD, Hubbard further explains, ‘"I recently developed a concert program entitled 'Classical Guitar with a Taste of Jazz,' which features works from various classical eras, bossa nova jazz standards, folk songs from around the globe, and originals that combine classical with other styles. I wanted to make a studio recording that offered the same variety of styles." A tastefully recorded album of sublime classical guitar sounds, Catnip is a CD to kick back with and appreciate the greatness of past guitar masters.


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