The Unrest Cure


Over in England, guitarist Leo Abrahams is respected for his solo ambient albums of instrumental guitar electronica, while also known as a producer / film soundtrack maven. Having played guitar for Brian Eno (while producing Paul Simon), Roxy Music, Marianne Faithful and hundreds more sessions, Leo finally releases a rock album that showcases his rock side and he’s enlisted some top singers to work with. Regarding his first rock album, Abrahams says, ‘I've always just done what I felt like at the time, and tried to make whatever music was in my head - and this time, it happened to involve vocals! And as for the big names, I'm just fortunate to have made some well-known friends over the course of my career.” With his guitar fronting percussion and various electronica, vocalists here include Brian Eno, KT Tunstall, Pait Yan and legendary NYC chanteuse Phoebe Legere. Commenting on having cult rocker Ms. Legere on his album, Leo adds, ‘I first saw Phoebe Legere being interviewed by Jonathan Ross—the very definition of a blonde bombshell perched in between the distinctly uncomfortable Hugh Laurie and Patrick Moore. It was 1994; I was a teenager; she played accordion in a catsuit and blew my mind. Through a twist of fate she met my mother at a party shortly afterwards. 12 years on, I wrote some music about being in a blissful state of love. Suddenly I imagined Phoebe's voice. I emailed her through her website, she remembered my mother, and said nice things about my music. Then she emailed me an mp3 of staggeringly brave, lovely and original vocals. I'm very lucky to have her on my record.” On his first CD for U.K. based Mercury Records, Abrahams puts together quite a showcase, in a way echoing eclectic rock works by U.K. guitar legend Phil Manzanera. With a fine array of both vocals and a few ambient rock instrumental music, the 2008 release of The Unrest Cure establishes Abrahams as a first rate guitarist, bandleader and arranger. www.leoabrahams.com


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