Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis
(Warner Bros.)


An amazing worldwide concert phenomenon co-produced by master politico, environmental visionary and the best president America should have had, Al Gore, Live Earth will be looked back upon as the most significant pop culture event of 2007. Released in December 2007 as double DVD packaged with a single CD, Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis took place on 7/7/07 with 150 musical acts performing over a 24 hour period on seven continents, including special events broadcast from Antarctica. Whatever your take is on the looming threat of global warming and our ensuing postindustrial environmental degradation, there’s no denying the camaraderie and overall respect these artists and concert attendees have for Al Gore and his whole Live Earth concepts. Even though Gore and his Live Earth co-producer Kevin Wall have acknowledged the Live Earth concerts were geared towards the under 40 generations, anyone who likes conscientious rockers inspired in part by Gore’s insights into progressive environmentalism will be impressed with this triple disc DVD / CD package. For the 2007 Live Earth event, the stars turned out in droves worldwide, including key performances by Bon Jovi, introduced at Giants Stadium by Al Gore himself, Dave Matthews Band, Madonna, Keith Urban, Chris Cornell, Genesis, The Police, Lenny Kravitz, Keane, John Mayer, Metallica, Roger Waters, James Blunt, Crowded House and many more then were included here. For instance there was a full scale Live Earth concert event in China that featured some amazing talent including a set by 12 Girls Band, not featured here. Although there’s four hours of music over these two DVD’s, each artist only appears for one track, making this set a true exercise in rock democracy. In addition to capturing key moments of the Live Earth concerts, the two DVDs also feature six short films from the Live Earth Film series and an intriguing documentary of the making of Live Earth. Summing up, co-producer Kevin Wall adds, ‘This CD/DVD package gives audiences another opportunity to experience the excitement of the largest event in history, while reengaging with the issue of the climate crises. We believe music has the power to influence and this package is a chance to expose more people to the Live Earth concerts and message.’ Gore supporters will experience a kindred deja vu feeling of elation and can be heard chanting, ‘All we are saying is, give Al another chance!’


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