Retooling some of the key elements of rock and jazz, Canadian fusioneers Mahogany Frog take it to the next level on their 2008 CD on Moonjune entitled DO5. The nine cut DO5 CD simply sizzles with a range of fusion and rock tracks. Punk jazz perhaps to some, but to rock fans who dig instrumental, let Mahogany Frog fry a few synapses upstairs. Moonjune, the wildly adventurous downtown NYC imprint run by prog promoter Leonardo Pavkovic, has released a range of CD's and DVD's by Soft Machine and assorted Softs influenced instrumental bands. This sound was huge in the ‘70s and Mahogany Frog brings the progressive Softs sound up to date thanks some mighty nifty guitar work by Graham Epp and Jesse Warkkentin, both of whom are backed up here by drummer J.P. Perron. With DO5 Mahogany Frog takes modern rock fusion a giant leap forward.


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