Foreign X Change
(Peak / Concord)


Two of the top quiet storm / pop jazz guitarists today, Paul Brown and Marc Antoine join forces for the 2009 CD release of Foreign X Change. A play on words so to speak, the ten track Foreign X Change will clearly appeal to guitar fans who enjoyed Antoine’s 2007 Hi-Lo Split and Brown’s ‘07 White Sand CDs. Two of the top instrumental guitarists on the scene today, both Antoine and Brown are signed to the Peak / Concord label, so for CMG their pairing here makes more than just musical sense. Featuring Antoine on nylon string guitars and Brown on electric guitar and occasional percussion, Foreign X Change finds the guitar duo backed up by top session cats like Dan Lutz (bass), Philippe Saisse (keys), Lenny Castro (percussion) and more. Nothing too heady or complicated here—just two skillful guitarists in the studio recording breezy instrumentals, guaranteed to soothe weary nerves while pleasing pleasure seeking music lovers. /


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