The Goddess Within
(Malley Disc)


The bass player for the group Counting Crows between 1990 and 2004, Matt Malley released a noteworthy solo album of his own in 2009. Entitled The Goddess Within, the ten track CD stretches across a wide range of rock and pop styles. Maybe it has something to do with that exotic CD cover art, but over in the U.K. Rob Ayling’s Voiceprint label was touting Matt as the second coming of George Harrison. Sure, Malley is a big fan of Indian music, having studied Indian slide guitar with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. But much of this album is closer to Harrison-esque pop than Ravi’s sitar. For rock fans who remember his years with Counting Crows, Malley is something of a legend and, with a bunch of newly penned tunes, he doesn’t disappoint on The Goddess Within. Come to think of it, the sound is almost Beatles inspired in places. “Into The Silence” sounds a little late period George inspired. Commenting on the song Malley adds, “Into the Silence” is a song which I wrote about meditation. I was thinking one day about how all things lead to silence - like rivers leading to an ocean so I wrote that song!’ The the next track, “Hanging On A Star” sounds like McCartney solo in the studio circa the white album but was actually written by the late great folk rock hero Nick Drake. Commenting Malley adds, “Hanging On A Star” is one of two cover songs which I do and it was written by the late Nick Drake. I'm a fanatic of all things English Folk so I got permission to do a Nick Drake song for my record! I love the unique, longing quality to that song and I recorded it in a way that sounds a little like Mr. Drake.’ It all gets back to that deep and hermetic picture on the cover doesn’t it? Is that really her, the goddess within? There are instructions within the CD booklet on how to use the cover for a transcending kundalini experience! Interestingly as a follow up, as of late in 2009, Malley is currently recording with keyboard great Pat Moraz, to which he adds, ‘I actually saw Patrick Moraz and Bill Bruford in their "Music For Piano And Drums" tour back in '85 or so in San Francisco. Now we're becoming good friends and we're actually recording a record together these last couple of weeks in my home studio. He really likes the way I play bass so he brought a drummer along named Jacob Armen - a child prodigy and he's 28 now.’ As if this wasn’t enough Malley is also currently playing bass with pop hero Emitt Rhodes. Commenting on working with this one time pop innovator who was actually considered by some pop enthusiasts as the new Paul McCartney back in 1970, Malley adds, ‘Yes Emitt Rhodes. We've got 3 songs recorded and I'm actually appearing in a brand new Italian documentary on Emitt. Check out the you tube preview: Emitt is still a genius and his new songs are just as good as the ones he wrote in the 60's and 70's. I'm playing bass with him so I'm like a fish in the water there!’ In the spirit of pioneering pop prodigy Emitt Rhodes on his famous self-titled album from 1970, Matt Malley also plays all the instruments and vocals on The Goddess Within, and in doing so situates himself as a well rounded pop spirit for 2010 and beyond.

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Musical Background

I started playing guitar just before high school. My friend Mike Detwiler acquired a bass and guitar from Sears when his father purchased them and we both started playing Creedence Clearwater Revival songs on them and we were instantly hooked!

New CD

My new CD, titled The Goddess Within is my first solo record and I played and sang everything on it. I recorded it in my home studio. I was learning to record as I went along so I went back and re-recorded some things as I was finishing up. I wanted it to sound like Neil Young...if he were to sing with Yes and that's my style of guitar playing so I was happy with the results.

Favorite Guitars

My two favorite electric's that I own are a Fender Strat Custom Shop and a Jimmy Page Les Paul. The Strat has a maple body with burgundy stain, '57 "C" style neck and high tech electronics and sealed machine heads, and the Les Paul is the greatest Les Paul I've ever heard. Has that Gibson growl and is beautiful to look at! They're both on my album. I have a Santa Cruz OM model acoustic which I love and used on the record as well.

Musical Influences

Musical influences include all things British Isle folk including Martin Carthy, Bert Jansch, John Renborn, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Davy Graham. Also Richard Thompson and Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Steeleye Span. Fairport Convention made a record called What We Did On Our Holidays and that's the record that made me a fanatic of folk rock. I'm also a fanatic of U2 because of their sound, Peter Gabriel, Yes, Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin. Trevor's tone changed my life with Yes' 90125 record back in the early '80's.

Upcoming Plans

I'm currently recording with Patrick Moraz, (Yes, Moody Blues) here in my home studio and a drummer named Jacob Armen, (Prince). We're very happy with our sound and there's talk of an album and a tour coming up! Also I'll start on my second solo record sometime soon - songs are starting to pile up again and I have to get them recorded!

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