Producers Archives Volume 3: 1964-1979
(Angel Air)


One of the great producers of mid ‘60s British pop music, Mike Hurst is one of the premier artists on famous U.K. reissue label Angel Air Records. A label that is releasing a range of interesting new recordings, yet also specializes in rare and obscure reissues of classic U.K. pop and rock, Angel Air have no less than six related Hurst CD reissues and in 2009 they release Producers Archives Volume 3: 1964-1979. An ace audio engineer / producer and guitarist, Hurst and Cat Stevens helped shape the post British invasion pop scene. Stevens, now Yusuf, is remembered here with a song he and Hurst worked on in 1968 in the studio, called “Twinkie.” With his vivid memory, Hurst recalls “Twinkie” and 17 other cuts he produced in the detailed liner notes. Cilla Black, Alan Bown, Murray Head, Shakin’ Stevens, Mike D’Abo and Hurst recording himself share the spotlight on Angel Air’s latest plundering of the Hurst audio archives. The first two Cat Stevens albums produced by Mike Hurst on Deram contain some of the best U.K. '60s pop ever made, but don’t forget to give a listen to some of these lesser known yet equally rewarding pop productions on AA's Producers Archives series. www.Rockmasters.co.uk / www.AngelAir.co.uk


MWE3: Hi Mike, is there a story about how the rare Cat Stevens track called "Twinkie," that's on the Producers Archives 3 CD, was discovered?

MH: I found the Cat Stevens acetate at the bottom of a box of 45's in my attic. Cleaned up it didn't sound too bad! I remember the track well, as it turned out to be a the theme song of a soft porn movie ( 60’s style) which Cat and I finally refused permission to be used!!! It is the ONLY one in existence. I might sell it........

MWE3: Can you say something about your current activities and plans in 2009?

MH: At the moment I am getting set to run my Rockmasters summer school throughout the summer. This is for kids from 11 to 18 years and its boarding. The teachers are guys from well known bands like Ray Fenwick, ex Gillan Band, and Clem Cattini, the greatest session drummer in the UK. Hope you are well, and don't forget, if America would be interested in my lecture on the history of popular music from the 16 Century to the present day, I would be there like a shot! Check out my book on Amazon, Every Song Tells A Story.


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